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    Helmet Cookie G3

    Matte Black silver plates
  2. My question is......lets immagine to have all the existing canopies in the f world......of size 120. Which 120 canopy would pack the smallest? Thank you. Its just curiosity because I heard lots of people saying that 7cells pack smaller and xbraced pack bigger than semi-elliptical or elliptical....but what is the truth about this? And if there is a difference is it noticeable? Thank you
  3. Thanks for the detailed response. I feel better now!!! Apparently I used what is needed and I'll buy a 3 in 1 for the next cleaning. Thank you very much
  4. No tackiness found. Thanks for ur response
  5. I cleaned the cutaway cable with Break free CPL..... I just realized it might be a bad idea since I saw that contains some petroleum derivates. After spraying it on the cable I wiped multiple times so that it didn't go in the housing wet.....but I'm still concerned.... Any suggestions/raccomandations? Thank u
  6. I am not american but I respect America and the freedom that this country is based upon more than you.
  7. Look.....I don't know you in person and it's not fair for me to judge you......I apologize for the harsh comment.......but I find it hard to understand why someone wouldn't defend the veteran after all he did for us....and I'm sure the tattoo is not nice if you are a muslim but we can't forget what this kids go through. Let's remember that we sent them to war that is no place were to grow as gentlemans..and we thought them to hate the enemy...I am not surprised at all that he has feelings of hate for his happens that the enemies are Muslims
  8. He didn't officially ask to leave......he just said that if he wanted to jump he had to use duct tape to cover the tattoo. That is no different in my opinion. Cash is king
  9. Twin towers and all of the other stuff they were able to pull off before the HEROES (All military) went to their homes and kicked their butts!!! What about this? We send this kids to protect us and our freedom by risking their own skin. We first send them to war and then we show no support!!! I'm sure that the guy with the "Offensive" tattoo had his good reasons to have that. It's easy to be on a couch and do nothing while 20 years old are doing the hardest job that exists and pretend that when they come back after they lost hundreds of friends on the battlefield they'll be respectful of the enemy.
  10. It's always about the jump#!!! Its fucking retarded..... Everyone should be able to use a Gopro especially a Navy Seal..... Now they even wanted to do mandatory wingsuit schooling. They should paint those people with red lipstick on their noses....because they are clowns!!!
  11. Thanks....this is a good answer....not telling me how I should "upsize" without even seeing how I fucking fly... I see people at the dz with 5000 and not 500 still butt landing like handicaps....not to talk about summer time when a little wind that shifts at the last second on a downwind makes them eat so much dirt they feed the family for a year.....ahahhaha.......they should buy a blue canopy with the white wheelchair sign on it!!!
  12. got it right buddy....I already talked to duane and Paul....but I still wanted to hear the opinion of multiple people.....and see what are their experiences with different canopies but u know how is.....they don't like answering like normal people.....they all become like God in the Also the new LO (Emma) she offered me to try Xfire2 and Katana (both 119/120) but I was too lazy last weekend...
  13. Thanks man.....finally a constructive comment....thanks. I will demo for sure.....I almost did last weekend and got too lazy to unhook my Thats what I heard....Katana is a good transition....I will try them all. I wish I could switch in flight between canopies to feel the difference in real time.
  14. I flew the xfire2 and I liked it and they told me that has similar characteristics of a stiletto but that a Katana has a steeper dive.....since I don't know...... I would like someone answering me by listing the different characteristic of these canopies and what is the safest choice. I said the safest choice would be to get a tandem canopy but since I will be downsizing anyways and I would like to try different canopies what's next? Since I will downsize and change canopy what should i fly next? My downsizing was fast ...I did around 50 jumps on 150 and 50 on 129 then to 119. But I felt safe and everyone learns different......I'm not a champ under canopy and I'm super conservative....and I feel like in 200/300 jumps I'll be more than ready for some new excitement under canopy since sometimes I feel I'm on a bus ride
  15. guys's fucking impossible to get an answer to the question. I'm not keeping the FUCKING 119.....thats why I am asking what I should get next!!! I won't keep that pile of crap much longer soooooo keeping that in mind what do u suggest next? If I wanted to keep my 119 then I would not ask the question. THANK YOU And if you forgot about it......SAFETY 3RD and not first!!! 1st is looking good
  16. next rig will require me to downsize no matter what...I feel confident on my current canopy and ready to switch for something a little more aggressive. Something with a little more dive since my Safire 119 has to be forced to the ground. I like that it has a good recovery arch and allows room for TONS of mistakes but I'm getting tired of the little diving strength. I was thinking to do a good 50 jumps on the Safire 2 109 and then change canopy as well. My question is what canopy should I get? Xfire 2 109, Katana 109 or Stiletto 109? I heard that stiletto opens kind of shitty.....I like my canopy to snivel and not to pop open in 200 feet like a shitty Pilot for example......I'm skydiving and NOT... BASE jumping.
  17. I bought I new Micron and their waiting period is long but I know that in 8 months it will be here and I'm looking to downsize from a 119 at 1.7 wingload to a 109. I did around 450 jumps on my Safire 119 and I like it but especially on windy conditions its a bitch to penetration at all. I can hold both my fronts to 50 feet from the ground and as soon as I release I'm stuck. 90's are useless and I feel I'm on a 210. I know I will put other 250/300 jumps before my new rig shows up....but what should I get? I wanna have fun with some swooping I don't wanna get hurt (No Velo or comp velo or jvx's) and I wanna have good openings. Suggestions please
  18. I was giving examples....I actually have around 600 jumps and I fly a safire 2 119 at a WL of 1.5