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  1. When they do come out with skydiving specific Recon goggles, would they be appropriate for everyone or would a skydiver need to reach a certain level of experience before using them (kind of like jumping a camera)? If there is some level of experience necessary to safely use these goggles, what would be a practical minimum? 50 jumps? 100, 200, 1000 jumps (assuming we use jump numbers to quantify experience)?
  2. What do you think about using recon goggles (the ones Jeb uses for WS BASE) for skydiving? A friend of mine (with 45 jumps) is considering buying a pair of these instead of a standard altimeter. I told him it would be a bad idea at such low jump numbers. I think they would, at the very least, be an unnecessary distraction for low experience jumpers. My opinion met with a lot of resistance from various people though, so I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks. Recon goggles: http://www.reconinstruments.com/products/mod
  3. So far I've done three 10-min sessions at SVCO (each time with a different coach). At 17, jumps I realize that I'm not working on anything advanced enough to need a specific coach. I have noticed a slight discrepancy in the quality of the coaching, though. All the coaches I've worked with are obviously very skilled fliers, but they definitely don't seem to be equally skilled at the art of coaching. Last time, while in the tunnel, I had a tough time figuring out what the coach was trying to tell me. That's why I was curious if you recommended a specific coach. I'll probably just keep trying new coaches until I find the best fit for me.
  4. Which coaches would you recommend for belly flying?