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  1. I bought one of these refurbished from an online retailer for $280 and it came with all the accessories. I've used it for about 200 jumps and it does everything exteremely well and turn itself on if you forget to. Add in the light, swoop alarms, ff alarms and rechargeable usb batteries and surely its the best out there. If you hook it up to a digital logbook like paralog, then you can say goodbye to the tedious paper logbooks.
  2. I visited here as a fun jumper in May/June 2013 and completed about 40 fun jumps. Empuriabrava has one of the biggest reputations in Europe but falls so short of the mark in my opinion. They have a brand new wind tunnel and some of the best aircraft I've ever seen. Their new Beech can get you and 19 mates to 13k in 7.5minutes !! amazing. The major drawbacks for fun jumpers are the complete monopoly by teams and freefly coaching teams which prevent free load organising! Because teams can pre manifest and you cannot, some days we had to wait 2 hours between loads... no thank you. The DZ has been bought by Skydive Dubai in recent months and there is allot of talk about future plans, however, right now this DZ is not a place I will return to and there a better DZs in Europe.
  3. I went here as a fun jumper in Feb/Mar 2013 after being very underwhelmed with another nearby DZ (rimes with Paris). I only completed about 25 fun jumps but had such an amazing time. This place is a cornerstone of skydiving history for sure. It is a lovely DZ, well maintained, load organising and SUPER professional. The local jumpers were plentiful and friendly. They also have one of the first fully fledged WINGSUIT school. I will be going back for sure. Be aware that the catering facilities are a little sparse and there is not DZ bar. People do bring a few cold ones to have at then end of the day which is nice. I think this ads to the focus on skydiving and eliminates the slightly unwanted alcohol related sideline that often accompanies skydiving.
  4. hotham15

    Skydive Perris

    I went here as a fun jumper in Feb 2013 with high hopes after glowing reports from many. At a first glance this place is amazing, lots of planes, all the facilities and load organisers galore. In my opinion, the missing puzzle piece is the vibe. This DZ has no vibe or sole. They can put jumpers in the air like no other DZ I've seen but there wasn't so much as a smile from dusk till dawn. Good for getting the jump numbers up but not for a place to stay and relax for a long time.
  5. hotham15

    Skydive Sebastian

    I've visited Sebastian in 2011, 2012 & 2013 over 5 times and only just got round to writing a review. This place has everything and is a must visit DZ. Great vibe, very stable and professional staff, free load organising, good planes, free camping and great facilities. I love this place so much I consider it my home DZ :-)