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  1. asaptrades3

    Skydive Sebastian

    The ocean breeze is what sets this Dz apart from others. The staff was always friendly. The video guy was awesome, the rigger kept his promise on times, and the atmosphere is usually just to cool. No bad words or hard feelings to express about this dropzone. I just wished I lived closer to it. This is my favorite DZ and then Deland. Not to mention the view, oh my God the view is so surreal due to the Dz being so close to the ocean. Always walk away with a great skydiving day here.
  2. Last time I was there which was recently. They were asking people to sign a sheet to see how many skydivers would be interested in going to 18k. It would appear they are going to start 18k jumps. Go sign up! I went to deland with awesome directions some gave over the phone . This place is very professional and I have meet a lot of cool people here to jump with and to associate with. These people here are awesome. Very Pleased. I just wished I lived closer to the DZ. skydive Deland is always busy and usually always has great weather. Not only that but they might starting jumping at 18k. No reason to jump any where else in my opinion if you live fairly close to the DZ
  3. asaptrades3


    I have one these containers and use it when I can not use my vector . It is not as cool and groovy as my vector but safe as . This rig now has all tuck tabs, no velcro. I meet Mike in 2001 and was impressed by the price compared to others . I along with other dolphin owners encouraged him to make the velcro be replaced with tuck tabs. You can also buy this rig with stainless steel hardware, colored leg harness, velcroless toggles, colored risers, and now no velcro and his standard variety of flap colors. He has even improved the bridle cover on the main to the standard on his old creation the Javelin. Thats right, Mike was the first designer of the Javelin. So rest assured you will always be safe in freeflight as well as Rw when flying this rig. My only complaint is the container is not as stealthy looking as the Vector. But I will continue to own my dolphin before I ever think about buying a Javelin or a Mirage. So it you're looking for another rig this one is a well priced gem.
  4. I have had this rig for about two years and absoulutely adore it. It has never failed me, always been comfortable and always groozy looking. When I went to Germany with it I got alot of compliments and there were a few who wanted to jump it. I had a second vector 3 container while I was there and was begged to sell it . So I did. ABout what I paid for it. In germany a rig is only good for 12 years and this guy wanted it anyways in 2002. I have personally meet the great staff at Relative workshop and they have always been very hospitable and eager to please. They have a rigger there named Louie and he is the best I have seen so far as customer service, on time rigging, and overall friendliness. Highy recommend sending your rig to RW for your next repack. Nothing but good things to say about RW and plan to continue to share this story and always think RW when I go for another container. After all they are the first container makers since the birth of skydiving. Everyone else is just trying to catch up.
  5. This is a nice dropzone with very friendly staff. The jumpers there are equally as friendly and if you are going this way you should stop and jump here. I was sharping my downwind skills and landed a good 1/4 mile away from the target area. Whoops, To my surprise a staff member on a four wheller was on the way to pick me up. Thanks alot! Of course, you have to remember my number of jumps and this was the first time I jumped there. Everyone was still very friendly and not eager to crictize my landing that was downwind and far away. I have to stop and give credit to Flightconcepts canopies that are very forgiving and have great flairs even downwind on a slighty windy day. I thought I was flying a 99. I came down really fast. It was actually alot of fun and safe considering the size of this dropzone landing area. I bought beer and all was forgiven and plan to jump there again when I get back that way.
  6. asaptrades3

    Skydive Miami

    Went there coming back from Key West. It was actually interesting there as you take off in one area and land in another and get shuttled back to the DZ to jump again. THe owner there was very cautious and checked my creditials well. Glad I had them! If your gong to the Keys stop here and make a jump. New experiences are always a pleasant relief in life.
  7. I have intermediate experience,although, I have had the opportunity to fly many different styles and manufactures of canopies. Flight concepts have the most advanced and innovative canopies including the overpriced PD series. Let your friends tell you all day long to buy Pd to fit in. If you want the most advanced canopies from the most experienced canopy makers. Please buy Flight concepts. I love the ones I have used and now use them in my two rigs I have. They have soft opening, high performance and great flares as far as mains go. I never had the pleasure of flying one of their reserves but I have been insured that they open quickly to save your life. For more insight see VERY HAPPY FC CANOPY OWNER BLUE SKIES!