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    If the flag next to the OP's name is correct might be worth pointing out that there's some new incoming 'canopy rules' arriving into the UK. They are still a work in progress and unclear as to what's going to be, but the french system is being touted as the preferred base to work from. With that in mind, it would be good for the OP to think about "future-proofing" his canopy choices. For example, the writing is on the wall for a minimum of 2000 jumps for any crossbraced canopy, so really is no point for him to consider one neither now nor in the near future given his jump numbers. Non-crossbraced high performance wings may be having a closer look as well given the recent fatalities that prompted this review and the adoption of rules were on in Katanas. That is besides the wisdom of seeking to downsize or looking at more agressive canopies to fix a perceived problem which is likely more a technique issue that should be resolved with more practice and adequate coaching rather than a canopy choice issue. I mean, 6s double to single 90 degree turn in a xf2 @1.5wl in 230ft just doesn't compute and i'd put that to wrong technique hands down as it sounds like you are carving rather than diving. From a safety aspect I'd look at sorting that out as my first port of call, as in you dont want to 'discover' the right technique by chance in a random jump and suddenly have your 250ft dive turn into a 350 footer. But that's a conversation you really should be having with an experienced coach who can watch your landings and assess where you should be going with it
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    Annual skill camp for Angle flyers, this year also for beginners! 2 weeks in total One week for beginners (groups up to 3 + coach) 20 Jul – 24 Jul One week for more experienced jumpers (groups up to 5 + coach) 27 Jul – 31 Jul Take one, or take both Registration opens soon Held in Skydive Finland, Utti, Finland For more information such as coach line-up, follow our facebook -events: Beginners week Experienced week More information info@skydivefinland.fi About Skydive Finland: Located at Utti, Finland 2h drive from Helsinki Airport Busses and trains available, contact us to arrange a carpool! Bunkhouse (7€ per night) Camping available Cessna Grand Caravan OH-DZF Utti Angle 2019 Videos: Beginners Experienced
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    Plan for a PLF (have you practiced them since your FJC? ). Standing up is a bonus. And talk to your instructors about it. They see you fly and land. They can give way better advice on your landings in person than you will get from anonymous internet users (like me)
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    Sure thing! It's been an interesting process as an American learning to jump in Germany (in fact, hanging around the dropzone regularly was one of the biggest sources of improvement in my converstaional German), and I'm happy to share any small bit of local knowledge I can.
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    Actually Cowboy wasn't flying. He was on the load to jump. Tragic and unnecessary loss. Chuck Akers D-10855 Houston, TX