Trading Hours

09:00 - 21:00 Weekdays
09:00 - 21:00 Weekends

What it costs

170 EUR for 5 minutes
475 EUR
900 EUR
Training from 49 EUR
As late as in May 2008, the company laid the foundation for Europe’s fastest hightech wind tunnel and Germany’s only professional indoor skydiving simulation. The wind tunnel is open for beginners and professionals from all sectors of skydiving and offers the possibility to practise flying without jumping out of an aeroplane. Of course, every enthusiast can try flying attended by an experienced trainer without previous knowledge. The 34 metres high building is located near the alpincenter Bottrop. The flightchamber of the wind tunnel has room for up to six jumpers. It has a diameter of 4.3 metres and is the highest flightchamber in Europe with its 17 metres height. An extraordinary architecture offers every spectator the chance, to observate the breathtaking flight experience live.

Wind speeds of up to 156mph
Diameter of 15ft
Height of 56ft

Contact Us

[email protected]
+49 (0) 2041 373730

Prosperstraße 297, Bottrop, D-46238, Germany
Bottrop, D-46238

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First installment of German design, Bottrop is the original demonstrator for the ISG (Indoor Skydiving Germany) vertical wind tunnel design. Several tunnels in Europe are using this (Voss, Brussels, Warsaw, St. Petersburg afaik). Some more are in planning or under construction.

I've been flying in Bottrop since its construction 5 years ago and the tunnel is still as awesome to fly now as then. No leaks, no squeaks.
Other tunnels I've flown are Perris (in 2004...), Airkix MK, Airkix Manchester, Paraclete XP and Windoor Empuriabrava (Prague/czech design).
The only tunnel I would rather fly in over the ISG design is ParacleteXP for its sheer size, in terms of airflow quality nothing tops ISG.

The location is not quite as central as others, but if you have access to a car there's plenty of other entertainment within a 10 minute drive (cinemas, malls, parks, you name it).

The vibe is professionally relaxed and nice. There is usually pretty international staff on site, so English is readily spoken there.

The bar has been changing operators a few times and offers a small selection of snacks, but if you're hungry the stack of delivery service menus at the reception (and their ready-made order lists) can get whatever you need.

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