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The JFX is a 21-cell Elliptical ZP Crossbraced canopy. Unlike the JVX, which has been shaped for wicked swooping power and CP competition, the JFX design is simply the highest end everyday canopy we could come up with.

Although being fully Crossbraced with the powerful landings, long recovery arcs and efficient flight you'd expect, we've tamed the JFX for piss easy, everyday, low hassle jumping. Now you can have Crossbraced performance with almost Crossfire type ease.

Whether you are hard-ass team training, work jumping, doing camera, wingsuit jumping... or just a Jump Hog wanting a bit more welly in your day... this is your sports car!

It's not a canopy for light wing loadings, transitioning to a JVX, or to learn on. The JFX is for the already experienced small HP Elliptical 9-cell jumper who couldn't be bothered with a Crossbrace canopy before now.

You'll want to load it up slightly compared to an elliptical 9-cell, and it will come alive with more zip. And that gorgeously efficient Crossbrace flare can become either a blazing swoop or use the power for the easiest, gentlest touchdown.

Yup, it's more bulky and more expensive than a 9-cell, but it’s worth it!

NOTE: Recommended wing loading 1.8 to 2.8 (Yes, you can load it up like a JVX too!)


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Great openings, sensitive to harness input
Could have more control in deep brakes

I'll review this from top to bottom.

Openings: These are the most comfortable openings I've had since my Pilot 168. They're butter-smooth.

Slider: Stock slider has stainless grommets, which are smaller diameter than the bronze grommets, it's a pain getting it over my brakes. I have a removable on the way.

Braked flight: I think it's a little twitchy in braked flight. The place I rush most in my flying is to get the slider stowed and get this thing in full flight, it likes being in full flight. Rears/harness are the way to fly this thing with all but the slowest flight. It has a tendency to rock in super deeper brakes.

Full flight: Oh baby, I love this wing in full flight! I love the harness input! Before this canopy, I thought high pulls were important for practice purposes. Now, I have to juggle if I want to angle, freefly, or high pull.

The Swoop: At 2.1 (newbie swooper), I'm currently doing an all harness 270 from 700' (did I mention I like the harness input?). Comfortable flight on rears and very easy to smoothly transition to brakes. I'm really looking forward to flying this with the slider removed, as that has made every canopy I've flown better. From Icarus' description, this shouldn't be a distance machine, but I've gotten compliments from experienced people about how much distance I'm wringing out of it; it's only going to improve with the slider off.

Straight in landing: Icarus test pilots are better than me, granted, but this does require a little more distance to shut down than the description implies. I've not had to put it in a back yard yet, but having had to abandon turns, you're going to need to plan on having distance or managing the braked flight.

Packing: I did buy used with a couple hundred jumps on it, but it packs like a dream! Pack volume on my 98 is a scoosh larger than the crossfire2 119 in my turn rig.

Closest comparisons of similar canopies I've flown: Crossfire2 109...alright nothing to even compare here. Velo 103: shorter recovery arc, comparable harness input, waaaayyyyyy better openings. I don't have the Velo numbers to compare swoop distance, but I'm quite sure the Velo can surf further.

Overall: Easy packing, great opening, harness sensitive canopy. A little twitchy in braked flight, but it's not so bad that it's a deal breaker.

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Easy to pack, really nice openings, Funny to fly, great landing performance and slow flight glide
None so far

At first the packing is very easy no problem with that ZP Material, unlike other new ZP canopies.
The openings are perfect soft and one heading no problem, like my seven cell wingsuit canopy he will displace him :)

I love the flight feel of the JFX.
He can bring you home from a long spot and can fly flat and slow great for tight landing areas and has still enough power for a gentles touchdown.

Also he can dive fast from the sky like a concrete block and is very body sensitive makes fast turns.

Fuck Yeah !!! Thanks NZ Aerosports great work :)

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Good openings
7 cell platform

They improved somewhat from an original FX. First impression of the canopy is its opening, not much snivel yet soft.

Unlike FX this one does not have to be packed meticulously.

And during opening wing stays more directly over the head vs JVX

Flight characteristic doesn't seem to be too far away from FX. JFX almost flys the same, but with slightly deeper range on the rear riser. Fronts are slightly lighter than FX but not by much.

I've flown both JFX and JVX in a same size, and JFX dives little bit more deeper, but still not as deep as velo, and all the input feels whippier than jvx.

I don't understand why people will bother with JFX, if you are ready to fly this wing why not get a JVX??? JVX opens fine for the work jumps, and I'm pretty sure that with line twist JFX will dive you to the ground hard as much as JVX.

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