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  1. I'll review this from top to bottom. Openings: These are the most comfortable openings I've had since my Pilot 168. They're butter-smooth. Slider: Stock slider has stainless grommets, which are smaller diameter than the bronze grommets, it's a pain getting it over my brakes. I have a removable on the way. Braked flight: I think it's a little twitchy in braked flight. The place I rush most in my flying is to get the slider stowed and get this thing in full flight, it likes being in full flight. Rears/harness are the way to fly this thing with all but the slowest flight. It has a tendency to rock in super deeper brakes. Full flight: Oh baby, I love this wing in full flight! I love the harness input! Before this canopy, I thought high pulls were important for practice purposes. Now, I have to juggle if I want to angle, freefly, or high pull. The Swoop: At 2.1 (newbie swooper), I'm currently doing an all harness 270 from 700' (did I mention I like the harness input?). Comfortable flight on rears and very easy to smoothly transition to brakes. I'm really looking forward to flying this with the slider removed, as that has made every canopy I've flown better. From Icarus' description, this shouldn't be a distance machine, but I've gotten compliments from experienced people about how much distance I'm wringing out of it; it's only going to improve with the slider off. Straight in landing: Icarus test pilots are better than me, granted, but this does require a little more distance to shut down than the description implies. I've not had to put it in a back yard yet, but having had to abandon turns, you're going to need to plan on having distance or managing the braked flight. Packing: I did buy used with a couple hundred jumps on it, but it packs like a dream! Pack volume on my 98 is a scoosh larger than the crossfire2 119 in my turn rig. Closest comparisons of similar canopies I've flown: Crossfire2 109...alright nothing to even compare here. Velo 103: shorter recovery arc, comparable harness input, waaaayyyyyy better openings. I don't have the Velo numbers to compare swoop distance, but I'm quite sure the Velo can surf further. Overall: Easy packing, great opening, harness sensitive canopy. A little twitchy in braked flight, but it's not so bad that it's a deal breaker.
  2. I was in the Chicagoland area for some weekend tunnel time and wanted to get some jumps in as well. Typically, I'd go to SDC or CSC, which are great dropzones that are worth traveling to. This time, I went with some friends to SDMW. Friendly is the best word for this dropzone if you're an experienced jumper. The manifest staff were extremely accommodating when the DZM software wasn't working, remembering my name and always giving me service with a smile. The DZO, Keith freeflew with me on my first load and was fun to talk to on the ground. The facilities are well maintained, their otter is comfortable, and the vibe is super-welcoming. I'll definitely be returning.
  3. Similar to the Larson Wayne email: I told him my price and got this wonderful specimen of the English language: A username query shows he registered on Feb 29, 2016, 7:02 AM and has never logged in. I asked for his son's USPA number, home/current DZ, or rigger's contact info. I doubt I hear from him again.
  4. So I just spent two weeks flying a friend's Pulse 150 at 1.25 waiting for my Prime 150 to ship. Prior to that every parachute I've ever flown save for demos has been a Pilot. For the parachute: I'd say in most every regard the factory new Prime outflies a Pulse in the middle of its lifespan. The flare is more powerful and lasts deeper into the stall. You can surf it further (I surprised myself and got a close to a beer line.). As far as I can discern it has basically the same recovery arc but somehow is easier on fronts. Obviously it is much easier on fronts than the Pilot. The openings have been brisk, but never hard, staged, and always on heading. I prefer these to the longer and sometimes searchy openings of the Pilot. My slider has stuck a couple times, but I've been told that's due to having new HMA lines and that it will pass with time. And since I got the low-bulk ZP, it packs like something between 120 and 135. For the company: The customer service has been stellar. I have a background in aerospace engineering, and thought it was really cool to talk to the guy (Scott) who designed and analyzed the thing. During the build they kept me abreast of the progress (e.g. everything is cut now, I-beams are complete, we're lining it today...) and answered all kinds of questions. I really hope these guys can get their business off the ground!
  5. Dude rekt my girlfriend, but gave me a sweet deal on a PC. New one from RI would have been $170.
  6. I sent the following message to Cookie: I got the following reply: Not the exact details someone may want, but searching "painting ABS plastic" turns up a lot more hits than "painting cookie g3"
  7. Yep. Weather permitting, I'm gonna and leave work an hour early and try for C1. It's good when your former boss and is a skydiver and will CYA.
  8. Hi all, I just did my cat a and cat b and it feels like I am in possession of the greatest secret of all time. The only trouble is, I can't fall asleep because I'm so excited! Cheers, Andrew