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During development of our Fire rig, we used the most modern materials for construction we could find, which allowed us to create a very comfortable, long-lasting, and mainly - very safe rig. Development took us 3 years, and another 2 for droptests.

We choose US TSO-C23d as our testing program, one of the best and strictest flight test programs.

Max load weight was set at 136 kg. (300lbs), max deployment speed at 309 km\h (170 knots). Then, following test programs protocol, max load weight was set to 165 kg (1.2 coefficient), while max deployment speed set to 370 km\h(1.2 coefficient). We made twice the required droptests. Fire became commercially available in 2008. And now, after thousands of produced rigs, we can honestly say - it works!
Fire rigs are reliable, long-lasting, have a wide size chart to fit the strangest requests and Main\Reserve combinations.

A big bonus is that a MARD system is an option(ours is called DRD). On top of that, the price is very competitive.


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Note: long time user review of Fire and Fire2

I bought my 1st SWS Fire in 2016 and done bit over 1000 jumps on it. Probably best container i ever had (i owed Javelin, Icon, Next, PdF Atom, Mirage). My Fire was size 1-1, made for Op126 top and 120 and down bottom tray.  I am 6ft (183cm) 86kg sized humanoid.B)

Container was extremely comfortable, love the risers with pin toggles (if set corectly, no chance of toggle fire), very comfy dive loops and nicely factory added swoop rings. 3D spacer foam is must everywhere, however i would not go again with "standard 10cm" legpads. The narrow 8cm option is way more comfy! FF handles was a must for me, but main PC handle ended up pretty flat after about 600-700 jumps and i had to open it up, add some foam and stich it back together. I had black anodized hardware option (was extra $$$ back then, even more than SS) and it was rubish choise. NOTE the black hardware has changed since and it is same as UPT or VSE hardware now days, i call it black SS. My black hardware did scratch quite easy and smallest ring on 3 ring assembly was dangerously abrasive to the white loop. Factory has replaced my risers after 150 and 400 jumps. The 3rd set came in with  "new black SS" type of rings and lasted forever.

Reserve tray is probably best out there, with the spring that can kill an elephant, sized and shaped beautifuly. Half out reserve pop top is my favourite for reserve deployments combined with that killer spring is no-brainer for me. Unlike Vectors closed-in extractor and weaker spring under 8 flaps. The killer spring is very difficult to pack in and make it look very neat. I had a "pleasure" to repack quite a few shite looking reserve packjobs from other riggers. Im guessing a lot of them only pack for that 40 quid (english queens moneys) and don't take any pride in their job quality. I don't use winding torque tool and must admit it's hard to do it neat, but with winding tool it is very easy to damage gromets, back plate and pin. Cutaway and reserve pads are very easy to grip, i know, i tried it couple of times... Free bag is bright orange and easier to find. I personaly don't use RSL as i, time to time, take some "Man the F**k up" pills. However IMHO SWS DRD system is way superior MARD system compared to skyhook. Skyhook can fling off (or even break red lanyard) and fail to do it's job under an arsehole of a spining mal. DRD will stay conected when it needs to. It is a little bit more complicated to set it up when packing, but there is factory provided video on youtube for stupid ones.

Main PC is made from ZP and will last easy 1000+ jumps. Personaly i'm not a fan of "push-pull" tuck tab on FF handle so ordered mine without it. BOC looks like its made from grandmas stockings, but it did last me around 1000 jumps before i replaced it. However your mileage may vary. Semi stowless D-bag was another must for me. Pouch for the lines could be 1cm wider either side, but it is more easy to pack compared to Jav or Vector semi stowless D-bags. Cut in laterals are comfy, riser covers stays closed if harness is sized correctly.

IMPORTANT: When ordering new Fire pay much attention to the "A measurment", the one hip to hip over your shoulder. DO NOT MAKE IT TOO LONG!!! I got measured according to the factory guidelines online of 110cm (if i remember correct), i took 5cm off beacause my mates new Fire rig was fitting me like a glove with 100cm measurment. In the end it was still tiny bit too long and 1 of my shoulders was coming off in steap tracking possition and one riser cover was poping off time to time in HD due to lack of tension on shoulders. I would sudgest get into crouched tracking possision, measure again and see what's the difference. My other mate had same issue too. My girlfriend ordered new Fire as well, i've done the measuring, took little bit off from the "A measurment" and it fits superb. She's well happy and wouldn't change it. DON'T do that on Fire2 tho, it has different harness geometry!!!

Fire2-could be the best rig out there but... 
It has all the good bits from original Fire like awesome risers, strong spring etc., but unfortunately SWS has changed the design of the container for the Fire2. It is not as pretty IMO, how ever stabilised laterals and magnet riser covers are welcomed updates. I have ordered it with narrow 8cm leg pads and it is much more comfy compared to my old ones. Same size 1-1 to take my OP126 top and JFX2 84 in the bottom tray. I used same technique with the "A measurment" and it came out a little too tight in legnth and would fit someone 1-2in shorter best. Now i've done about 150 jumps on it, harness has loosened up a bit and is better, but leg pads still don't meet by an inch. 

Fire2 container itself look very similar to Peregrine Glide container (could swear it's a copy). It is way shorter in lenght, bit wider and much fatter. Combined with different harness geometry (sits totaly different place on your back), small container size and being shorter by design, unfortunally it is not perfect combination for my 6ft height. The pull is way too high and is a massive reach for me. It is very comfy under the canopy and in freefall, but pull is a deal braker for me and will be looking into long options from UPT once i save the the crazy asking price for V316. Even if i get V316 i will be transferreing main risers over. UPT makes shite toggles and no swoop rings.

I hope this will help you to make your decision. I highly recomend both Fire and Fire2, but if i would buy one again i would get original Fire. Stabilisers and magnets ain't worth the extra $200 and reach for the pull for taller peeps with small canopies.

Fire PRO's:

Fire2 PRO's:




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Material & manufacturing quality, design, comfort, price
If I find any I'll update the review :)

Note: This is only "First Impression" type review, based on only few days of ownership. I'll keep updating the review as I continue jumping the rig.

To be honest I was quite sceptical about SWS as I was exposed mostly to Javs, Vectors, Icons, Mirages and other major manufacturers. I started seeing more and more SWS rigs around the country about a year ago, so I tried few of them on and decided to get one for myself - £1500 for a brand new rig with all bells and whistles - not bad!

First thing - quality-wise it's as good as any other major brand (maybe even better). Stitching & materials look really solid. Whole thing is a bit on the heavier side (probably due to the modular design and sh**loads of padding), but to be honest - I'm more than happy to carry few extra grams on my back for extra comfort & easier repairs.

I'm not a rigger but playing around with the container and looking at the design choices, I feel it's well thought out product. I really like the main pin cover (I'd say it's my favourite design out of what's available on the market) and the SRC and line protectors. Most of the construction seems very similar to Javs. Can't say much about the reserve tray as I don't have much experience in that field, but the SWS' MARD system seems quite clever and safe (again, not from a perspective of a rigger).

I have to say - it's the most comfortable rig I ever worn, even more than Voodo Curv! Wide leg straps with thick padding make possible ball-under malfunction less scary now!

And finally - the price. Especially for Europeans being raped by a taxman when importing US rigs, the option of getting (essentially) pimped up Jav with few improvements for £1500 might seem as a great deal.

For now: 5 out of 5!

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Very comfortable, great quality, small prize, good support, MARD

I am very happy with it!

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Great quality for a reasonable price
12 weeks waiting list

I've been using Fire for 3 years and more than 300 jumps, and I'm very happy with it.
I know a manufacturer as a team of educated and responsible engineers who aim to produce the safest yet comfortable rig possible.

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Small improvements needed

SWS – Fire Container Review

I received my Fire container after 12 weeks from ordering. The process is much the same as any other container but was made easier using Aerosky UK as my dealer. I contacted Maciej to discuss options not listed and he made the appropriate calls to make them happen.
Assembling the container was simple and according to my rigger the reserve was also simple to install.
Everything needed to get you going is included, plus a belly band which was a nice inclusion.
I specified black metal parts and although at the moment (100 jumps in) they seem to be holding their colour, but time will tell. It does look good though

I also went for the extra padding, which on the Fire is the best way to go. The padding is thick and wraps round the edges so that there is no seam against the body.

I also went for the RSL over the SWS DRD system, but that’s a personal choice.

Having jumped it I can say it is very comfortable and is nice to fly. The position in the harness is somewhat different to my Javelin but nonetheless is great and harness input during my final turns is helped by this configuration.
All in all, apart from a couple of minor issues, I am more than happy with this container and when I do 500 jumps will update this review.
• Solid Construction
• Comfortable Harness
• Excellent Range of Options
• Good Main Closing System
• Looks Good IMHO

• Pouch on Semi Stowless Bag Too Small
• Excess Brake Line Keepers Do Not Hold Every Deployment
• No Slider Keeper on Risers
• Pin System For Brake Toggles Fiddly

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Price and quality
Honestly...what cons?!

I'm a pround owner of a SWS Fire rig, for over a year now.

All I can say is that I'm super happy with it.
Price is very good, and quality (specially for the price) is superb.

It's very very confy, the materials used are very good.

To everyone thinking about getting a brand new rig, I recomend the Fire, no doubt.

Thank you!
Blue skies

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perfectly on the body, price
dont know

Beautiful rig , great support from the company.

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