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I am awaiting the arrival of a used Interceptor, size unknown as of today. Other than CRW, what might I use this canopy for (demo, accuracy or??) Any tips on packing, jumping, terminal deployments? Any known or unknown issues to watch for?

Thanks in advance for the tips.

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Made about 250 jumps on an Interceptor. Bought it used (less than 10 sub-terminal jumps) very cheap, over 20 years ago. I couldn't afford anything more expensive.
I used it for everything. First month, I was black and blue every time I jumped it.
This thing opens in a heartbeat. If you're taking it to terminal, roll the nose past the "B" lines and stuff it deep. You'll still have a canopy in an instant, but the openings will be tollerable. The flare range is very short and the flare is not real strong. If you don't get it just right you'll know. Flair it hard and fast. If you can consistantly stand it up, you know you can land anything.
This canopy is stable as a rock, easy to sink, hard to stall. I wouldn't go over 1/1, as this is not ZP.
Because of the weak flare, I wouldn't use it for accuracy as it has not much flare out of a sink.
This is the paradox of skydiving. We do something very dangerous, expose ourselves to a totally unnecesary risk, and then spend our time trying to make it safer.

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