Fatal accident involving Gary Cullen from New Zealand.

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I found out today that sadly Gary Cullen, a good friend of mine and CRW Dog, was killed yesterday in Norway while attempting to ground launch because it was too windy to do a base jump. The boy just couldn't keep his feet stuck to the floor.

Gary's profile is here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522991073&ref=sgm

Gary was a top bloke. A few things struck me about Gary that made him standout. He had a crystal clear view on life and just went for it. He was enthusiastic about absolutely everything from his "prize winning sausages" to "CRW". Apart from teasing me about New Zealand's Sharks & Off landings as we flew over the sea to do CRW, he was a super nice guy.

If anyone would like to send Tracy his partner a tender and supportive message then her profile is here: http://www.facebook.com/tracey.norton2

If you knew Gary, then on your next CRW jump as you exit the aircraft just picture his face for a split second and do the rest of the jump with him.

"Hey Gary, while you're up there - look up Pat Hammond. The two of you will get on like a house on fire :0)"

Best Regards and Blue Sky's,
PS. My apologies if you've seen a post similar on FB/google group CRW Dogs - but not everyone hangs out at the same place.

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