Gauging interest for mini/hidden action camera

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Hi All. For sometime I've thought about Gopro's et al being a rather bulky solution for skydiving. Requiring cutaways (in the UK), snag free mounts, chin mounts etc.

I've looked into developing a mini action camera, the body of which would be very small (much smaller than session). On my Phantom it's small enough to fit inside the chin vent. The quality would be pretty much that of a GoPro session, using pretty much the same lens and sensor. 1080p 60fps. It would come with an LED record status indicator on a wire to mount in view.

I was intending to go ahead for myself, but if I think there is interest I could develop this into a product. It would be quite costly to set up manufacturing so I wanted to gauge any interest. I think it's a great idea as most of my friends who skydive are not interested in 4k etc, they just want a HD log of the jump, and I think it could be really nice for many people to do away with the lump on top of the helmet.

One complication is on my phantom helmet it could be fitted as is, with a bracket inside the mouth vent. On the G3 it would need a think. The main part of the body is only about 2cmx2cm, and it can be made to any shape, however I can't imagine many people wanting to drill there G3. It could be made into a G3 shaped surface mount but not many obvious places to put it if not behind the G3 mouth guard.

Anyway let me know if you guys like the idea, or if you think it's not worth the bother.

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