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What up everyone. I haven't got a helmet cam or even a helmet to put on on, but heres my guestion.
I do a few base jumps now and then and would like to capture a few stils from the exit.

I need a camera that will take a pic when i push the dam button. My digi does not do this. By the time it takes a pic my buddy is already gone.
I think i need to look at shutter speed but i dont know how to read those numbers in the specs.


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What you need to look at is shutter lag. The shorter the better. This is the time between putton press and shutter opening. Most digis are slow, but some are not. Also, turning off auto focus can help as well as using pre-focus. Some will let you half press the shutter to focus and then finish it to take a fast picture.


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can someone explain to me what these numbers mean.
Shutter Speed 60s - 1/2,000s

they mean shutter speed :)
It's the time the shutter will expose the sensor to the scene. From 60 seconds to one two thousands of a second.

In auto mode the camera will choose itself that time combining that setting with the aperture of the diafragm, aiming at a correct exposure.

To photograph BASE you will need something faster than, say, 1/250 s in order to freeze the motion. Otherwise the picture will be blurred as the jumper passes in front of the open shutter. Obviously, you must have enough light for the sensor to detect the scene in that small fraction of a second. But that is not the problem with compact digital cameras, most of them have faster enough shutter speeds and wide enough apertures to to deal with motion in daylight.

As noted above, your problem is shutter lag. It has nothing to do with the exposure, but instead it's the time the camera spends thinking about the best settings to apply after you press the shutter.

That's why I bought a digital SLR a few years ago. I was frustrated for loosing good pics while my Sony DSC-F505 just kept thinking and thinking.

Carlos Martins
Portugal www.cj.smugmug.com

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Without going into the realm of dslr and the associated pie in the sky prices, I like my Fuji f10. It's pretty quick. From what i hear, the new Fuji (the really small flat one) is very fast.

You milage will vary, especially in low light - most non-slrs focus slow in low light.

You might also want to give pre-focusing a go. Focus on your mate before he exits by pressing the shutter half way. Then, when you press it all the way, it'll be instant.

not sure if that helsp on answers yer question, butn hey! :P

Ex-University of Bristol Skydiving Club

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Read some reviews on http://www.dpreview.com for cameras in your price range. Casios are pretty fast, I like canon elphs, there are others.

Read the reviews for "shutter lag" "full press lag" and "half press lag"

with basic point and shoot digital cameras (at least newer ones) you can half press the shutter button to pre-focus it, then your friend jumps and you press it the rest of the way.

Anyways,.. the site I linked will give you reviews. Just find one that they say is really fast. compare some different ones. and have fun!
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