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Can someone please tell me where each person is actually positioned in a 4way team? ie. head, inside center, outside center, tail. Is this based off of a basic 4way round? I know this may be a stupid question but I don't get the inside and outside center part. Thanks

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This question can be answered on many levels. I'll answer this, but also refer to to http://www.4way.org where they actually have descriptions of the slots there as well.

In most instances, slots are in similar exit positions. Tail is outside the plane towards the rear. Outside Center is outside the plane towards teh front. Point is inside towards the front, and Inside center is inside towards the rear. This changes in Bslot jumps or mirrors, etc, but for all intensive purposes is a good guideline. Each slot also has different characteristics. Point spends a lto of a dive facing outwards, due to the nature of hte dive pools. Also has a few solo flying parts in the block moves. Tail usually is the "chaser" being on the back of a formation. Inside Center is often called hte quarterback. giving exit counts in most casesand controlling a lot of the keys in a draw. IC has a lot of keys due to a central position in formations, he/she can usually see most of the grips. Outside Center gets a lot of the snappy 180s, etc, but handles keys frequently as well.

Another important thing to think about in slots is piece partners. Tail and IC usually work together on block moves, and Pt and OC work together as well.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Herv,

One of the topics (Choosing Slots, How do you assign slots on a new team?) at the 4way.org forums might be helpful to answer your question: http://4way.org/cgi-bin/board/ikonboard.cgi?s=3d5d007f2f08ffff;act=ST;f=3;t=39.

You can read as well the following Jack Jefferies's article: "Understanding your slot". This article has been published at my web site (http://www.mariosantos.com/docs/understanding_your_slot.htm) and has also been posted at dropzone.com last June 8 (http://www.dropzone.com/features/UnderstandingYourSlot.shtml).

You'll be able to find out more info on this subject at our 4-way team's (Matrix FS - Portugal) web page (http://www.mariosantos.com/uk_us/matrix.htm), as well as at our continuity plan web page (http://www.mariosantos.com/uk_us/continuity.htm).

Hope it helps!

Blue Skies! B|
Mario Santos

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