Aero Butterfly near St. Petersburg

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Hi everyone!

I'm planing to do a wind tunnel trip to Russia and I found a tunnel called Aero Butterfly near St. Petersburg. However, I haven't found any reviews about it. The tunnel is relatively new (opened in 2015).

Have anybody been there?


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It's very small (2.3 m) tunnel. Very eneven wind, but powerful enough to fly headdown. Also, it is extremely hot in the suummer, so be ready.

If you are working on specific static flying skills, it could be a really good value for money. But for general flying skills, learning transitions etc. you'll need a bigger tunnels. Of course, any dynamic flying is out of the question.

Also consider logistics, it is in Zelenogorsk, small town about 30 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg. There is a resort nearby, but accomodation could be really costly in high season or not avaliable in low season, I honestly do not know.

If you have some tunnel experience already, it may be good idea to fly in Flystation (big IGS tunnel) in SPb for some time, learn new stuff, pinpoint the mistakes, then go to Butterfly and work on specific stuff (as long as there is no much movement involved)

With all the above said, this could be a perfect opportunity if you know what you are doing while choosing small tunnel. I work for the competing (actually we are in differnet leagues ;) ) tunnel, but we are in good terms with Butterfly guys. They are professional and nice.

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