6th Annual NH Tunnel Meet - 2way VFS and Best Trick

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SkyVenture New Hampshire will be hosting its fifth vertical formation skydiving tunnel competition on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Our goal is to have a fun meet and give freeflyers something to hold them over until the snow melts – this meet will also be a great opportunity for folks interested in forming teams for next year to meet potential teammates and for people considering competing to learn what it's all about. There will not be any cash purses, but prizes will include tunnel time and donated prizes from manufacturers. There will also be a 4-way FS meet on Saturday, January 25. More details about that meet can be found here

Dates: Sunday, January 26th, 2013 for 2-way VFS

Cost: $90/person for VFS regardless of competition class. Includes pizza lunch, waters, meet t-shirt, judging, meet rounds, practice rounds, one DVD for your team (or digital copies of flights) and any free stuff that manufactures send up. Please note: this year this is also a one time, $5 fee that goes to the judges. If you only compete in a single class of 2way VFS, the registration fee is $95. If you compete in two classes of 2way VFS, the first will cost $95 and the second will cost $90. If you compete in the belly meet, you will have already paid the $5 so 2way VFS will cost $90.

The registration fee will include the 2, 1 minute warm-up flights. These flights should be used to determine your wind speeds - one speed for belly/back points, one speed for vertical points. You can have a different wind speed for every round if you want, but you'll want a minimum of two wind speeds.

Registration information: First come first serve. Register by Friday, December 20th to receive a t-shirt. We filled up last year so register early - registration will likely fill prior to the deadline. Email NHTunnelMeetVFS-at-gmail-dot-com with the full names of each team member, their email addresses, each person’s t-shirt size, your competition class, and your team name to register. Don’t be a dummy and ask me to save a spot for your unformed team. Email me with all the requested information at once – I won’t register a team without it. I will assume that you want man’s cut, large t-shirts unless you specifically say "man's/women’s cut small/medium/large."

Registration confirmation: Unless you get a confirmation from me saying that you are "all set," don't assume you are registered. I will not save spots or register partial teams. Also please put in the subject line of your email, "team registration for _________ (team name)."

Format: The competition will include four classes: Rookie, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro. Rookie will complete 4 competition rounds with all rounds being drawn from the belly/back dive pool. All other classes will complete 6 competition rounds with rounds 1 and 2 being drawn from the belly/back dive pool. Everyone will have to fly on their belly and back for two rounds! For Intermediate, rounds 3-6 will be drawn from the head-up dive pool excluding grip front flip grip (HU-12). The Rookie and Intermediate classes will have 3-4 points drawn per round. Advanced will have rounds 3-6 drawn from the vertical dive pool excluding points marked as PRO. These points can have both people head-up or one person head-up and one person head-down. Only one person will ever have to be head-down for Advanced. The Advanced class will have 4-5 points drawn per round. Pro will have rounds 3-6 drawn from the entire vertical dive pool - both people head-up, one head-up one head-down, both people head-down. The Pro class will have 5-6 points drawn per round.

Each round has 35 seconds of working time. You will be given 60 seconds to have your wind speed set, enter the tunnel, complete your 35 seconds of working time and exit the chamber. Working time for Intermediate will begin from within the tunnel when both of either competitor's feet leave the net. You will be allowed to walk into the tunnel and set up on the net if you want to launch a formation. Advanced and Pro teams must do door entrances. Working time will begin when both of either competitor's feet leave the floor of the antechamber. You will be allowed to have one foot in the wind and be leaning into the chamber as long as one foot is in the antechamber.

Time: We will be starting at 8:30am. The awards ceremony will take place in the evening. Plan to be at the tunnel for the entire day.

Huck Jam: Please let me know if you are interested in a huck jam after the competition is over while we wait for the judging to be finished. If the judges are really on top of it, the huck jam can be moved to after the awards ceremony. If the judges are behind, the huck jam may be in the middle of the day to allow for them to catch up.

Best Trick: We will have a best trick competition this year as well! The idea is to get in the tunnel, take a few seconds to show off what you can do and get out. There will be two rounds. The cost will be determined by how many people participate but it will be very cheap (probably around 10 bucks.) If you're competing in 2way VFS, sign up for best trick too.

Communication: Please feel free to contact me with any questions by email at NHTunnelMeetVFS-at-gmail-dot-com I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible. The earlier people register, the sooner I can get out the final schedule.

Everyone entering the VFS competition must be checked off with the IBA at the appropriate level. If you are not checked off, please do so before the meet or during the practice rounds otherwise you will not be eligible.

Meet Directors: Ben Liston (FS meet only) and Chief Judge: Jim Rees (multiple other national judges will be on site this year). Ari will be running the VFS meet again. Email Ari directly at NHTunnelMeetVFS-at-gmail-dot-com for questions about the VFS event.

Teammate finder spreadsheet: Enter your info here if you are looking for teammates https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ApFFDKFiX0PedHctZnRiUzRwVEtNLTR1cUJVYVB2bEE&hl=en This document saves all changes, so please be careful not to mess with anyone else's info. Under "Preferred Class", make sure you write "VFS" and the class.

New for this year: Bring your climbing shoes and bathing suit, the climbing wall and Surf’s Up @ Skyventure New Hampshire (32ft wide surfing wave!) will be open. There will also be additional dining options on site at the Oasis cafe, which will have wraps, smoothies, pizza, fresh squeezed orange juice, chicken fingers, and other stuff.

We look forward to your participation! Please feel free to forward this on to folks (and DZ list serves) and contact me by email if you have any questions about the event. - NHTunnelMeetVFS-at-gmail-dot-com

Wind Tunnel and Skydiving Coach http://www.ariperelman.com

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