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The Skydiving Museum WIKI www.Skydiving-Encyclopedia.com
primary source material

50,000 hits June 6 2015 now 1/3 loaded
Open Source WIKI: edits and inputs needed. Citations are consistently used.
What is documented: -- personnel parachutes, fall-breakers, delayed opening freefall, skydiving, falling, participants and associated activities
Dates investigated: 220 BCE-to-present day
Motivations: Skies call: Parachuting. Sharing why we fall enriches parachuting.
Audience: Flyers in fact or fiction explore parachutes for sport, work and adventure, from early crude Open using parasols to today’s modern airfoil designs. These pages tell an eloquent story for anyone who has ever strapped a parachute on their back, or wondered why anyone would… For scholars and professionals who use documentary editions such as this as research tools a searchable research tool for aviation enthusiasts with an interest in skydiving and the people whose contributions, passion and expertise have inspired us and made falling free a slice of ecstasy.

Madden T. “Pat” Works:MA, MS, MBA, PhD (ABD), CMfgE, ORACLE Master,
Member, Association for Documentary Editing (ADE), USPA-Life, AIAA, SME/CASA

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