skydiving in seattle

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Former Seattle-ite here. I lived there for 11 years, 4 while I was a skydiver. The weather is among the best anywhere ... for about three or four months of the year. :) July through September are (generally) reliably awesome, with warm but not crazy-hot long sunny days with amazing views and clear blue skies.

And then there's the rest of the year, which is hit or miss. The dropzones are all open year-round (though fewer days / week during the winter), but how much altitude (if any) you'll get on any given day will vary. Spring will often bring some good days. October-April can be pretty miserable, but then there's those occasional days where the skies are clear and the views of the snow-capped mountains will take your breath away. Those days tend to be chilly, but jumpable if you're willing to bundle up. I did most of my work towards my A license over the winter and it was a slow process, where I'd often do a hop & pop just to make sure I stayed current for the month.

I did a lot of my jumping out of state when I lived there, partly because I love to travel and traveled a lot for work, but partly because during the winter, it can be the easiest way to actually get to jump. California and Arizona can be an easy and relatively cheap flight for a weekend trip. And I live in California now. :D
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