Ohio state women's record attempt

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Papa Smurf!

Thank you, sweetie!!!! :)

It was two caravans: 12 jumpers on the first, 8 on the second. Jerry was flying the trail plane; I was front float on that one. Not my favorite position - I much prefer being a late diver - but it worked out great. And the view from there is phenomenal!

As Matt said, we got the formation on the second jump. The first one was totally solid, but we had two out. Second time around, we nailed it. Held it for 9.8 seconds! We were giddy. You could hear the shrieks in freefall.:D

We'll be back east for Plum Island; we'll bring pics and video. (We're also gonna submit it to Parachutist and Skydiving.) Looking forward to seeing everyone.

HUGE hug,


May the (relative) wind take your troubles away...

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