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DZs in Southern UK

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Hi all, 

I'll be driving around the area of London and Wales for a short vacation of 9 days and was hoping to get some jumping done.

I'm from the Netherlands and never jumped in the UK, only have 100 something jumps and no A license (yes you read that right, just AFF (yes, I know)). 

I'll be traveling by motorcycle and was wondering if and what dropzones are operating already. And which ones are real recommendations to jump at. 

I will need a dropzone where I can rent a rig since I don't own my own yet. 

And what dropzone was is again that the guys from RSUK regularly jump at? 

Thanks in advance. 


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Without an A licence you'll need to speak to the Chief Instructor at any DZ you plan on visiting to determine what they'd require you to do in terms of training / jumping with an instructor. You are unlikely to be allowed to jump solo without first doing some kind of ground training/ refresh and a check out jump as technically you are still classed as a student.

When was your  last jump and do you have all your jumps and training logged?

Is there any way you can get a license before you come?

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UK DZs are here  


Go Skydive, Swansea and some of the army/ RAF DZs are tandem / military only, call or email ahead to check

Some UK DZ are only open weekends, or a few days a week, especially outside of the summer months.

There are some UK / London skydiving groups on Facebook where you might get more UK replies than on DZ.com

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