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Jumping in Colombia - recommendations

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Moved to Colombia a few years ago, but I haven't jumped here yet. Time to change that!

Unfortunately the info about Colombian dropzones on here is very old, so I would love some more current information. Especially since it seems like the dropzone that was closest to me went out of business during the pandemic.

So what would be the best dropzone in the country? Planning to do a weekend roadtrip with a few friends. Looking for the following things:
- Tandem for my friends. Would be great of 3 or 4 tandems can go at the same time, but not a requirement
- Gear rental for me (sold my gear due to not jumping enough to stay at that wingloading)
- A coach for a refresher jump. Got my D license, close to a thousand jumps but haven't jumped in a year
- If the tandem instructor(s) speak english, that's a pro, but not a requirement. Most peeps that are coming can speak decent Spanish (or perfect for the Colombian friends ^^)

And of course all the "regular" stuff as good safety record, maintained airplane(s), nice people etc.

From looking around, it seems Xielo ( https://xielo.co/ )might be the best place to go, but would love some feedback. We live in Medellin, but anywhere in the country is fine.

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I recommend Xielo. I was there last year and loved it. I'm going back the first week of November. Some of the TI's worked in the US so they should know basic English. They have a Caravan but it's not as fast as the ones I'm used to jumping here in the US. It takes about 20 minutes to 14k.

Ana and Nico, the owners, are super awesome. They are also great fliers. 

It is a long drive from Medellin but they do offer rooms or beds for rent if you want to spend the night. DM me if you want to ask me more about them.

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