Contract for demo jump

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Here in my country we are trying to create a contract or a similar document that should be signed by the person asking for the demo jump.

Does anybody have a document that we can use to see what points or aspects should be cover?

I do, but I don't share actual copies of it as it's an attorney's work product that was designed with a number of specific things addressed that are fairly exclusive to the team I'm on.

~ That said, some general things a basic contract should include are:

The name of the 'team' or person responsible for performing the demo.

The name of the event and organizer you will be performing the demo for.

The date & approximate time of the demo, number of persons performing, number of performances that contract will cover.

A basic description of the act(s) to be performed.

If the event organizer is responsible for the aircraft & pilot, spell that out and list the requirements needed for the jump platform ie. cabin class single or dual engine aircraft certified for operation with the door removed...etc.

list the amount you are to be paid for the performance - have in there (at least 25%) a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of contract approval, with the remaining balance to be paid the day of the final performance.

List with full description any special requirements you need to have provided - for example; an on site team & equipment recovery vehicle of cargo van type, one hotel room per performer starting one day prior to the scheduled event through one day after. Event passes for the performers and ground support crew, (on & on, you get the idea)

Say in the contract that all possible and safety practical measures will be taken to complete the performance as outlined, however due to variables beyond your control, changes to the program may be required...any such changes in no way release either party from the terms of the contract.

State that you will observe & obey all legal requirements as outlined by the transportation administration in regard to aircraft use and aerial parachute performances.

State if there will be insurance provided, who will provide it, the limits of the liability & who is to be named on the policy.

~ ~ ~ ~ That cover's 'some' of the basics, but as you can tell It's actually pretty involved.

I highly recommend you consult with an actual contract attorney...sometimes the wording & format can make a huge difference. Yes, it costs a little money, but considering the endless number of bad things you are opening yourself up to should something go wrong - or what it will cost you not to have a real contract & the organizer decides not to pay you, it's well worth the investment.

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