Altitrack - strange behavior...

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Bought new (many years ago), my Altitrack has always been reliable from startup through the last jump.

This weekend, prior to turn-on, I noted (as normal) it was off and pointing to 6'k.  But when I turned it on, it went through its normal startup process... and "zero'ed" itself at 4'k.  

Huh... never saw that before.  Turned it off and instead of returning to the off condition of pointing to 6'k, its now pointing to 15'k.

Turned it back on, back to 4'k (noted that the digital readout on the back says we're at 0')
Adjusted it to a LZ relative elevation of -3'k (its limit) and the front says 1'k, with the back at -3'k.

Gave up and let another rigger play with it, he turned it off/on, and now its fine.  Worked fine the rest of the weekend.


Anyone seen this type of behavior?



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