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Hello! I'm hoping to get some input/recommendations on training and training centers. I live in Juneau, Alaska so there are no training centers (or drop zones [cry]) nearby. This means I need to find a TC that can provide the training all at once instead of completing the levels over months. I've mostly just researched TCs on the west coast but I'm open to any TC. I would also like a TC with a wind tunnel (input on how important this is is appreciated) and it should be in an area with good weather to avoid weather delays as much as possible.

I keep coming back to Skydive Perris since they offer 14-day course, but they seem like they could be a little too "Disneyland" for me. However, they do have a bunkhouse, restaurant, etc so that would make travel planning so much easier!

Skydive Fyrosity has also caught my interest. Kapowsin Air Sports is the closest TC and sounds great but I worry about the weather and it looks like they only provide AFF courses on Saturday mornings?

Any recommendations or input is greatly appreciated! If you're recommending a TC I would also like to know what time of year is best.

Any information on maintaining currency is appreciated as well. It sounds like I will need to complete a jump every 30 days to stay current but this is going to be difficult to do since I live in such a remote place. Once I'm licensed I hope to spend a weekend (or so) every month or two jumping but I'm sure there will be times I won't be able to go as often. Is it really just one jump with a coach and I'm current again? How much extra are coached jumps typically?

TYIA! Hopefully my ignorance isn't too apparent lol. I look forward to learning more and hopefully getting to know some of you! :)

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It's farther away, but Spaceland Paracenter in Houston (and probably its brothers and sisters in Texas, Georgia, and Florida) has an "A license in a week" program. I know Houston also has a bunkhouse, and generally an on-DZ restaurant. Not as much night life as Perris, though.

Of course, that's weather -dependent in any location. Looking at the weather trends in each part of the country, and the cost of regular travel, might also be wise. And once you're licensed, you can do recurrency jumps anywhere, not just where your training happened, so that you can shop the regular air fares.

Wendy P.

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