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FitzBoogie.com and Skydive Fitzgerald
The 17th Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration Boogie,
FitzBoogie 2021 (2020v.2.0) March 18th-21st
in Fitzgerald,Ga
We have decided to jump into the 21st century this year with pre-registration to help us plan better for the event. Please help us spread the word. We appreciate everyone supporting the event.
Pre-registration Link:
Below you'll find the basic info for the boogie. You can find local hotel info at http://www.FitzBoogie.com/ You can post any questions here in the discussion section. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Please LIKE and SHARE this page. This Boogie survives primarily by word of mouth and social media. There is tremendous turnover in the sport and not everyone stays in the boogie scene. Share the love everyone.
What we have to offer:
Multiple aircraft, (No one can say we have ever been in need of lift power at this event), balloon jump (availability tba) and we have a Huey lined up for this year.
Large covered packing area,Private group/packing tents available (info at FitzBoogie.com), Huge landing area and all of South Georgia is an out if needed, Organizers for all levels and overall friendly people to jump with the newer jumpers, Swoop pond and Tandem skydives for your friends.
What we have on site:
Free camping and showers, Full service RV hookups ($25 a night), Onsite food service provided by the lovely Georgia Johnson and The FitzBoogie Cafe, Nightly bonfires and stupid human tricks, Live music Sat. night. (maybe Friday also) and a St. Patrick's themed costume party on Sat. night.
What we have close by:
About a mile and a half to Hotels, Restaurants, Liquor stores, ChinaMart (WalMart) and ATMs (CASH ONLY ON SITE, we have very limited means to process credit cards on site)
You can find info at http://www.FitzBoogie.com/ , http://www.SkydiveFitzgerald.com/
Registration pre $55 Onsite $70
Lift Tickets $28
Balloon Slot $150 Reservations made with me at, Chris at RoamingDZ dot com
Chopper Huey: $85
Tandems $200
T-Shirts $20
Observer ride $40 in Otter.
RV Slot $25 a night, full hookups for attendees only
Camping FREE!! Does NOT include power. For attendees only

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