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With military jumping a soldier loses their hazard pay if they go over 90 days between jumps.  To avoid that there’s something called a ‘Pay hurt’ jump, essentially there Hollywood jumps for the sake of pay. Nowadays there highly structured; they weren’t in the 70s.

Then the pay hurt jumps were from helicopters on Saturdays, the only requirements were; be on the pay hurt list, an ID, boots and a helmet. We jumped in jeans and shirts.

Finished with my only ever pay hurt jump I was near the sign-in-station with a few guys waiting for my buddy to come in from his jump. Out on the drop zone we heard a commotion, running out there a guy was squirming and rolling around on the sand with a bone sticking out of one of his legs.

We asked him his name and unit so we could go back and let them know what happened. He refused to give us either, we thought that was so strange, why would he do that we thought. They flew him off to the hospital in one of the choppers. Not giving it much thought after that.

A month or so goes by and my LT and I were chatting, I don’t recall why but I told him about me seeing that guy busting his leg on the pay hurt jump. He stopped me almost in mid-sentence, asking me if I jumped with that guy, I told him no but I was on the chopper just before him, I was out there that day I told him.

Turns out on Bragg there was a leg who had a buddy in the 82nd, and the two cooked up a plan to get the leg a jump. :-)  and it actually worked, sort of.

The leg guy used his buddies ID, and probably with an hour or two of going over the jump commands, and how to don a parachute and reserve.  This guy actually faked his way into a helicopter, and jumped out of the thing.

My LT told me that guy was an E6 and they took three stripes from him over his stunt.

Gives a whole new meaning to pay hurt.

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