Getting your PRO rating tips.

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Many jumpers want to get their USPA PRO rating. They think all they have to do is land ten times in a circle and they are ready to fly to glory, get lots of cash and pick up plenty of hot chicks at NFL games or other events.

Here are a few pointers.

1. A PRO rating is FAR more than just landing your canopy ten times and getting signed off. There are a number of items to be checked off, such as jumping with banners and being a ground crew staff.

Jumping with this adds a lot to your skill set. And it can distract you. Enough to kill you in front of thousands of spectators.

You need the right equipment for certain jobs. And be proficient in using it.

2. I work with a lot of PRO rated skydivers that don't have a clue what paperwork needs filed or with who.

You should know how to fill out the paperwork. And realize who is responsible if this all goes wrong.

3. Many PRO rated jumpers have no clue how to hire an aircraft or charge the client enough to cover even the basic expenses.

A DZ isn't just going to fly you in or out after a load is dropped usually for a jump ticket. And some of you will have to learn how to actually spot a load without GPS.

4. Demo insurance is essential. Many jumpers have been caught without it and have been in a world of deep doo doo.

I could go on and on about the mistakes made, clueless jumpers being signed off and terrible decision making at events.

Don't be that guy...

Guys like Twardo, who have done a few thousand more demos than me will have great advice and chime in here, but there is one thing I recommend....

If you want your PRO rating, start ground crewing a local team.

Attend a PRO rating course.

Learn the ins and outs of the biz.

Learn the paperwork and the FAA rules.

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