PD 190 not flying straight

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1 hour ago, finchaos said:

New pd190 in an infinity container. Flying straight requires left toggle input down at ear level. Tried adjusting harness- no change. Turned it back over to my dz master rigger for diagnosis... anyone have input?

Could be a lot of things.   Misrigging of the canopy.  One line length wrong.  Gross asymmetrical loading of the harness.

Like JR said give PD a call.  They will tell you what to do next; most likely it will be to ship the canopy to them and they will test jump it and fix/replace as needed.  If you don't want to do that, you could have your rigger check line lengths and/or have a local canopy expert do a test jump on it.  But PD is the best way to get a reliable answer.

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