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DZ Krutitcy. Russia. USPA DZ with windtunnel

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Hello everyone I'd like to introduce awesome summer location with all possible facilities on site. Multiple aircrafts, Hotel from 15$ for bunk house to 50$ per night for bungalow, nice restaurant with home made Russian food, wind tunnel 24/7 from 100$ per hour on site with view of landing area, jump altitude is always 14000ft.  All rental equipment is brand new Javelins and Icons. We work with Sigma tandems only. Transfer :)

Price 2018 | Start skydive season in May month 

1 slot = 1300₽ ( ~20$ )
AFF Program– the full cost of the course 65.000 ₽ ( ~1000$ ), the course fee includes 30 minutes of flight time in wind tunnel.

per 1 hour 
Prime time – 11.000₽ (~180$)
Day – 9.000₽ (~140$)
Night – 7,000₽ ( ~110$)
Coach 5000₽ per 1 hour
Ih you want a block time - Pay 10 hour + 1 bonus

Special offers for group.

Peace, love and freeflying to you all


гостишка .jpg

спорт 1.jpg

спорт 6.jpg

Сэмуль стартрек.jpg

сэмуль ФИНИСТ.jpg


труба 4.jpg


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I jumped and used the tunnel there, last year when I was training for the USPA National Speed Skydiving Championship, and plan to return to Krutitcy this year around July.  Great facilities, great staff, the rental gear is in great shape, etc.  They also have some bungalows, and the nearby town is big enough to not lack any of the basics.  The drive from Moscow sucks a little, but the skydiving experience more than makes up for any other shortcomings.  Cheers to Yuri, Nataliya, and Nastya (with the gear/apparell store) -- everyone made me feel super-welcome :* <3

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