Ronald Mazzola

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I love you, brother. We have our whole lives, indeed, just not enough of them. See you next time, Ron. BSBD.

Was shocked to hear of this. I haven't been much to my home DZ in CT in a while, and haven't seen him in a long time. But he always very friendly with a kind word, a joke, a handshake, or a laugh if I screwed up a skydive and everyone else laughed at me, which was quite often. BSBD Ron.

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For some reason it was tearing me up seeing this post with so few replies.

Here is something I shared on Facebook while I was thinking about Ron. I knew him for just about ten years, and that resulted in a bunch of cherished memories.


Chasing after the dog barefoot, blind with no glasses on, because she decided to visit the neighbors dog who was also outside. Slipped on a patch of black ice, ate shit, and manage to rip most of the skin off my little toe on my right foot. Well done!

Reminds me a trip I took with Ronald Mazzola to Eloy a number of years back. Woke up to burnt pants and burnt shoes! Why? Because Ron wanted to stand in the bonfire, and I thought it was a damn good idea at the time. So we stood in the bonfire, although I cant recall if we danced in it, or we went with a stoic pose on the top of it. Probably both judging from the bottom of my pants and my shoes!

So there I am, burnt pants, burnt shoes walking along, and I hit a patch of ice [by the dz pool]. Feet fly up, I fly up, and I ate shit. All I could do at the time is laugh about it. Ice in the desert, and now I needed ice for my head and new shoes!

Laying in my drive way for some reason connected me back to that memory. Maybe it is because Ron is on my mind, and the trips we took together are too.

No matter what you were doing when you were with Ron it was going to be interesting, and it was going to be fun. When I think back to the trips I took with Ron there are a few memorable crazy events from each one.

I hadn't seen Ron as frequently since he and Lindsay moved, and it had been a while since work allowed me to take trips like I used too, but when you caught up with Ron it was like you had never been apart. All smiles, and good fun!

I am going to miss you a ton brother, but I am going to cherish all of the memories that I am lucky to have.

Blue skies Ron!

"The restraining order says you're only allowed to touch me in freefall"

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