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Hi everyone. When we do the skydiving courses we teach our students about canopy control by use of drawings of canopies. Since most of them have never seen a parachute before, it is difficult for them to relate to the different parts of the parachute when it is drawn. So i was hoping to put together some photos to show them what these things might look like in real life.

Hoping that some of you could help me?

What i need is:

Photo of flying canopy where you can clearly see to squares (slider and canopy).

Photo of line twist )Preferably not on a smaller canopy as they can look pretty scary when they dive with the line twist.)

Regular high slider and closed end cells.

pilot chute over the front of the canopy

other possibilities are broken lines and toggle release during opening

I would also love photos of two canopies (side by side and stack) and downplane.

Anything else you might think of, preferably malfunctions that don't need cutaway.

"minds are like parachutes. They only function when open."

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