Have a friend who were veteran paratrooper?

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He was a veteran paratrooper during Vietnam War.... 3 time tour of duties. He was wounded twice. He told me a horrible story, after he was landing, he was walking behind a soldier and somehow a soldier step on a mine and blew up. My friend was struck by blast in his right knee. He was airlifted among others wounded. He had surgery at medical camp. I was amazed when he was paratrooper. And he was amazed that I'm skydiver.

Anyone of your friend were veteran paratrooper? Gimme us a story!
Flyin' Dawg or SkyDog

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No paratroopers that I knew of, but my Godfather was a US Army Major in the Vietman War. He was in a caravan of troop transport trucks when he saw a young Vietnamese kid run up to the truck in front of his and throw something in it. All Hell broke loose on that truck and then BOOOOM!!!

War is Hell. All he's got to show for it is bad hearing, just like me, but not as bad. :ph34r:

"Mediocre people don't like high achievers, and high achievers don't like mediocre people." - SIX TIME National Champion coach Nick Saban

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