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Been dreaming of making a skydive since I was a kid. 40+ years later, and after dropping 60 lbs over the past year I made my first skydive last week and passed my AFF1. Picked up a second job to try to keep myself current and finish up my AFF classes (which is about a quarter mile away from the DZ up in Longmont).

Had a blast. Walking to the door and stepping out went pretty smooth, after stepping out I definitely had that out shit, what the hell did I just do moment; before I reminded myself to relax. Missed my first PT, got assisted on the second and nailed it 3rd and 4th (yes I did a fourth, I did after all miss the 1st). After watching the video I could definitely see somethings I need to work on, including getting used to the canopy, and landing. Which I totally botched, and my ass is still reminding me of the botched landingB|, although I am not sure where or what I did, but according the video it looked like I accelerated to the ground (unfortunately I didn't get much time with my JM's after the jump outside a quick run down of the jump.) Needless to say my tail end is still reminding me of the landing


Age: 46
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 242 Lbs (yes I know, keep losing weight)
Jump: AFF1, No prior Tandem

Location: Mile-Hi Skydiving; Longmont, Colorado
Aircraft: Otter
Wind: 0-5
Equipment: Nav 300
Airport Alt (0' AGL): 5055.3 ft.
Jump Alt: 12,500 AGL (17,555.3 Ft ASL)
Pull Alt: 5,600 AGL
FreeFall: 50 Sec, 6,900 Ft

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Looks like you flared either way too late or not at all, but the video quality and the very short clip of the landing make it difficult to tell for sure. Was that the Nav 300 they put you on? I had the worst time with flaring on their big Navs. Talk with your instructor about doing some practice flares once you get deployed -- deploying at 5500 gives you some time to experiment. You might also want to practice your PLF a couple more time on the nice soft packing mats and always be ready to do them until you get your landings sorted out.

Actually just talk to your instructor in general, about your last landing specifically and how to improve it. Even if you get the same instructors next time, they will likely have to be reminded what happened and should then be able to give you some constructive advice on how to fix it.

If you get there early in the morning (around 7:30 - 8 AM) on a weekend, they're usually less frantic and the air's usually better. It gets a bit bumpy in the afternoon, even if we don't have rain.

If there's a guy with a GoPro on your load, you might be able to talk them into trying to video your next landing, too. Most of them will be getting down before you do.
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Thanks for the feedback.

You are correct, I was using the Nav 300, and my jump was around 1PM, so things were hopping which really didn't give me a lot of time on the ground afterward.

I've tried to replay the landing in my head a few times, and I remember almost flaring (when I thought I should, yes the depth perception was screwing with me. I also remember that on the radio them saying not to flare yet at which I eased up ( I suspect causing me to speed up), at which point was told to flare, at which I may have responded a bit slower. Before I knew it I was on the ground with a bruised tailbone.

Hopefully if I don't have to work to late I can set up some early time with the instructors at the DZ, otherwise may schedule an off day to get 2 and 3 done so I can work on those areas.

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Welcome to the forums! :) I bet it feels like the canopy comes in pretty zippy! The airport altitude is around 30' where I jump and I'm a little nervous about jumping at 5000'. Good on you for learning how to jump in the thinner air right from the get-go. Good luck on your next training jumps!
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