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Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld returns to Perris Valley Skydiving

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The entire staff at Perris Valley Skydiving is excited to announce that Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld is joining the Conatser Family as a partner in the operation of Perris Valley Skydiving. Dan brings with him nearly 25 years experience in the sport and industry of skydiving. Starting the end of June, we will see Dan more and more often as he relocates his family to their new home in Southern California and quickly transitions to the full time scene.

Best known for his unparalleled accomplishments in competitive formation skydiving, Dan BC is a founding member of the Arizona Airspeed team. He has earned 7 World and 19 National Championships in every formation skydiving discipline. Dan was also one of the organizers of the Go Fast 300-way, the current World Record for Largest Freefall Formation and has received numerous other skydiving honors.

Dan BC's experience in the skydiving industry goes far beyond his competitive accomplishments and 18,000+ jumps. He has worked as an AFF Instructor and Evaluator, Tandem Master, Senior Rigger and Pilot. He has owned and managed drop zones, run schools and organized boogies and competitions. He also served as an S&TA; for the United States Parachute Association. Dan has appeared on national and local television numerous times representing our sport. As one of the sport's premiere skydiving coaches, he has shared his wealth of knowledge around the world and helped develop the training programs used by tunnelcamp.com. and at Arizona Airspeed events.

Dan is very excited about this new direction in his long and illustrious career. The opportunity to become a part of what is already one of the most successful drop zones in the world, with the addition of a SkyVenture Wind Tunnel, is the kind of challenge he could not pass up.

Dan is joined on his return to Perris Valley by wife Kristi and his two children Chloe (8) and Landen (4). Please join us in welcoming Dan and his entire family to the Perris Valley team!



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