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WindGames 2015 Results

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Image from Windoor Facebook Page

This weekend saw the second large indoor skydiving competition of the year kick off, with the 2015 WindGames. The event which ran from the 23rd to 24th of January, was held at the Windoor tunnel, located at Empuriabrava. There were over 30 teams from around the world participating in the competition, which spanned across three primary disciplines: VFS, 4-Way FS and 2-Way Dynamic.

VFS Finals

The VFS finals had a bit of controversy when a few teams protested their earlier round scores, which indicated that due to the lack of an overhead camera, certain grips weren't visible for the judges. This resulted in a few of the teams providing their own video footage to the judges in an attempt to get their earlier round points adjusted. At the end of the final round, Avalon Realfly Sion stood just 2 points ahead of their rivals, Windoor Full speed. Through rounds 1 to 8, the two teams had never been further than 2 points away from each other at the end of any round.

FS 4-Way Open Finals

What was likely the most anticipated event of the competition, the FS 4-Way Open Finals had the audience keenly watching as the favorites, Team Hayabusa went against Airspeed for the top spot in the competition, albeit that Hayabusa had almost certainly clinched a win by the 9th round, when they sat 8 points ahead of Airspeed, thanks to a couple of 4 point leads in rounds 6 and 7.

2-Way Dynamic Finals

The 2-Way Dynamic division is a fast growing style of indoor skydiving, in fact there were over fifteen teams registered for the 2015 WindGames 2WD event. 2WD is definitely exciting, as speeds can often come within a fraction of a second of one another, as we saw with this event at the WindGames 2015. Team Dynamight went up against the Hurricane Factory Team for third place, but Hurricane Factory Team managed to edge the bronze medal by just 0.3 seconds, with a final time of 72.5 seconds. At the end of the event team Windoor Smooth Criminals from France, managed to edge out fellow Frenchmen Les Touristos by 0.9 of a second.



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Correction: first large indoor comp of the year was at SkyVenture New Hampshire earlier this month... 32 4-way FS teams competed in the 10 round meet on January 17.

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