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Skydive Arizona Halloween Boogie 2014

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Photo by Hypoxic

Imagine a skydiving vacation over Halloween in Arizona... free registration, discounted jumps, paintball wars dressed in costumes, an off-the-hook costume party, organizers leading your jumps from Arizona Airspeed, Arizona Arsenal and the Arizona Training Center, and jumps from all different kinds of fast airplanes - skyvans, otters and a DC3... Does that sound good? Well, nearly 300 registered participants lived that imagination at Skydive Arizona's Halloween Carnival from October 31st - November 2nd, and if you weren't here - you missed out!

Skydive Arizona went all out setting up the desert landscape with scrapped vehicles, planes, hay bales and an awesome sound system to set the stage for the Apocalyptic Zombie Paintball Wars! Over 100 jumpers partook in the first annual games winning jumps and tunnel time.

Photo by Hypoxic

Rigging Innovations put up this year's grand prize of a free Curve Container for the costume party. Skyventure donated several certificates for tunnel time, Skydive Arizona donated several jump tickets High But Dry Balloons donated 2 free balloon jumps and the Bent Prop threw in a few gift certificates as well. And that was enough motivation to get people to dress up in clever, bizarre, and detailed costumes.

A 5-panel judge calculated their scores and awarded these 3 homemade costumes top 3:

1st Place - Wookie/Big Foot (Casey Vanhyhuys)

2nd Place - Pixar Lamp (William Cain)

3rd Place - Magic Carpet Ride (Tomer Falach)

Other categories winning prizes were Sexiest Male/Female, Best Group, Best Presentation, Best Product Placement and Most Disturbing.

Photo by Niklas Daniel

In conjunction to the Carnival, Sara Curtis and Ryan Risberg led a group to prepare for the Head-Up World Record Attempts coming up this November 20-23. Helping them out flying camera were Sam Baker and Nick Blacksher. The success of the camp was building 22 out of a 29-way.

Don't miss out on next year's Halloween Carnival! Mark your calendars now, I dare you!

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Photo by Sam Schwan

Photo by Sam Schwan

Photo by Niklas Daniel

Photo by Niklas Daniel


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