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Skydive Arizona

Average Rating: 4.54
4.54 out of 5 based on 54 user reviews

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Eloy Municipal Airport (E60)
Lat: 32.8070058
Lng: -111.58679

4900 N Taylor Rd
Eloy, Arizona 85131
United States

520.466.4720 (fax)  (32767 Hits)

Last Updated: 2017-03-17
4 Twin Otters, 7 Skyvans, 1 DC-3, 1 Pilatus Porter, 1 Beech 18

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

Tandem: 199 USD
Video: 95 USD
Jump Ticket: 25 USD to 13000 ft

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Skydive Arizona™, located in Eloy, Arizona, half way between Phoenix and Tucson, is the premier drop zone for skydivers of all skill levels. If this is your first time skydiving, Adventures in Skydiving at Skydive Arizona has some of the best skydiving instructors in the world, ready to take you on the adventure of a life time with your first tandem skydive. From the classroom to the sky, they will walk you through every step of the process.

With Arizona's beautiful weather, one of the largest Aircraft Fleets, amazing facilities and the largest drop zone in the world, we have the ability to offer you more sun, more fun, and more jumps. This is why many World and National Champions have chosen to train here. Not only do they train here, but many of them offer opportunities for you to be coached by them. Now you can see why this skydiving resort has become the Mecca for the skydiving community!
We challenge you to come and explore the endless possibilities, whether you want to do one skydive or become a pro, Skydive Arizona™ has everything you need!


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • RV Hookups
  • Camping
  • Showers
  • Pool

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From Tandems to learning to be a pro they have it all.

Skydive Arizona Rated 5 by: PHXBORN2FLY on 2017-01-23

Pros: Best DZ in the World/ Skydiving Mecca
Cons: Boogies are often super packed

First off Adventures In Skydiving is an amazing place to learn. From your first tandem freefall to graduating your AFF course. I don't think anywhere could have made me feel more welcome and safe. Everyone is extremely helpful and always willing to help you with what ever question or concern you may have. Also being such a large DZ there is always other students training at the same time as you. Which gave me such a sense of camaraderie among fellow students. When in such a big place it's important that you don't feel like your the only one learning to fly. I also have met some great friends at the school and are still learning and jumping with them after graduation. And amazingly people travel from all over the world to come here, which includes the best pros who also call this great place home. It seems like everyone wants to offer their bit of knowledge which is always helpful, you never stop learning . What also is really important is that you never find yourself the only jumper among a bunch of tandems. Meaning there is always more jumps and more fun with friends new and old at SDAZ.
(Review ID:9221)

Best place Ever

Skydive Arizona Rated 5 by: HRY on 2015-05-16

Pros: Every thing
Cons: Dust Devils

I started skydiving there in October 2014, it is an amazing place and facilities, Professional Instructors, and amazing well maintained Air-crafts, Special Thx to all my Instructors and amazing Friends that i made there. Awesome place to get Drunk as well Fuckin Eloy !!!
(Review ID:8771)

Not good for students

Skydive Arizona Rated 2 by: lradaz on 2014-05-21

Pros: Great equipment, very efficient
Cons: Disinterested instructors. Too busy with tandems

This is no doubt a great drop zone for EXPERIENCED skydivers. Great aircraft and great facilities. Scenery is just plain ugly however.

If you are an individual looking to get in to skydiving, this is not the place. I did 3 AFF jumps before moving on to another school. My instructors could not have been more disinterested in my development. It was clearly a job they were completely burnt out on. After each jump the instructor needed to immediately get on to the next tandem jump as this is a tandem factory. No time to spend debriefing students. Also, they mysteriously will not let you have access to your logbook. I found out later this is because they don't actually fill it out until later when they get time. If you ever request access to it be prepared for a huge run around.

Come here to jump after you have your A license. Go somewhere else if you want personalized instruction from instructors who actually still enjoy the sport.

(Review ID:8478)

If you want to train, this is the place.

Skydive Arizona Rated 3 by: ArizonaStone on 2013-05-02

Pros: Lots of loads and lots of quality paid instruction
Cons: Location stinks and not fun jumper friendly

I received my A-license from SDAZ and I never had to repeat a level. The reason I say this is because someone else said that your jumps have to be perfect and I don’t believe that to be true. I saw a few people having to repeat jumps, but they would just freak out or freeze up after leaving the plane. The instructors are some of the best…when you can get their attention. I did my A in 2 weeks and during the week it wasn’t so bad, but around the weekends, the tandems (SDAZ is a tandem factory) took priority. Debriefs were a joke when competing for attention with the tandems. The ladies at the counter (professional and friendly) said that I would get a video debrief of every jump, I just wouldn’t get the video as I hadn’t paid for it. Fair enough. Out of 25 jumps, I got a video debrief maybe 40% of those jumps. Also, when comparing the prices to Skydive the Farm and other well-known but smaller dropzones, SDAZ is expensive. For the price I paid for my A (with no repeat jumps), I could have bought a plane ticket to Georgia or Florida, got my A, and still had $500-$1000 left over. I guess I am just a bit lazy. My advice, go somewhere else for your A. I received my B at SDAZ as well and that went off without a hitch.

The facilities of SDAZ have all you need to make your jumping dreams come true and provide you with the basic necessities of life. Just bring clothes and toilet stuff and you’re set if you want to do nothing other than skydive. The packing area is pretty good. The rigging loft, I cannot really comment on as I only ever had a closing loop changed there. The food at the Bent Prop is decent and will do you just fine for a week or two, beyond that and it can get old. The bar is decent when you are not competing for the bartender’s attention when the local skygods come in. The bunkhouse is as bad as a Motel 6 near the red light district. If you get hammered at the bar, it will do; beyond that, kick up the cash and stay somewhere where the beds don’t reek of sweat. The gear shop is pretty sweet. The staff there when I jumped were cool. Some people that have worked there though forget who the customer is. The tunnel is awesome, but make sure you have a reservation. Time slots can fill up quick and if the military is there training, they can take up huge blocks of time. The good news is, they are open before the sun rises and open well after it sets. The instructors are excellent at tunnel flying and very good when instructing. There are numerous instructors around the DZ. Nick and Brianne are the best in my opinion. They are competent, professional, and flexible on scheduling. SDAZ has decent load organizers and more of them if you are a freeflier; bellyfliers can get neglected at times.

Ahh, onto my major grievance about SDAZ…if you are a badass flier, you’re good; if you’re not, you better start shelling out a lot of money or a lot of ass (for females) for training or you will find yourself on the fringe very quickly. I jumped at SDAZ for 2 years and never felt as welcome as I did over 1 week at Lake Elsinore. Freefliers, and very good ones at that, run rampant and if you are one, you will be at home. If you are starting out or just into bellyflying or fun jumping in general, SDAZ can be a bore. That’s not to say there are none of the latter, but your options are limited. I know some will say that SDAZ is a training DZ and Elsinore is a beginner’s DZ, but that doesn’t make it any less of what it is when it comes to the vibe. I understand that a guy or gal with 1000s of jumps may not be that intrigued by a 4-way with people that only have a few hundred jumps, but it is what it is. Also, wingsuiting and canopy work are underrepresented and that can be a drag when you want to try something new. Some of the ground crew can really restrict you to just falling in a column from altitude; take it or leave it. They claims it’s due to all of the air traffic, but it is just inflexible when you want to do something other than turn points.

Overall, it is a good DZ; just in small doses. You have to decide why you want to go and how long you can tolerate being all about SDAZ’s business. Also, the cliques don’t stop at jumping, it carries over into afterhours shenanigans as well. If you’re not in on the jumps, you’re also not likely to be in on the party either.

(Review ID:7893)

The place to go for improving skills.

Skydive Arizona Rated 4 by: flyngrudy18 on 2012-12-08

Pros: aircraft fleet, tunnel, coaches.
Cons: load organizing during regular weekend to be improved.

I' have spent 2 weeks there, I' had the opportunity of work with really great coaches,(if properly pre-planned) both in tunnel and sky,(freefly)and the weather during the falls are excellent, with the biggest aircraft fleet in world, it makes the biggest dz in world.
Excellent service from Desertsky Rigging, the packers, and the local store.
The manifets staff is very friendly as well.
To mention also the quality of food, considering is a dz restaurant, at bent-prop, a good bar and free wifi.
All positive? Like everything in life, nothing is perfect, in first place the dz is located in middle of desert, and nowhere to go, unless you want to drive for one hour to Phoenix or Tucson, if you are going by plane, a rent-a-car is a must, and I' have been quite disappointed by load organizing during a regular weeked, on contrary, during the Thanksgiving Boogie was really good and I' had good time.

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