ChutingStar Boogie Schedule

    The ChutingStar Boogie Shop had become a dependable presence at many boogies over the past several years, but took 2015 off to focus on new crew members, the DeLand shop move and our new web site.
    Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016! It's a brand new year and with a jam packed calendar for the ChutingStar Crew...to include taking the show on the road!
    Laura Bales, who is celebrating her 5th year at ChutingStar, and more than 10 years of skydiving, will be coming to a drop zone near you as the ChutingStar Boogie Shop is all geared up to travel.

    You'll be able to spot ChutingStar's Boogie Shop by the large inflatable ChutingStar tent and wind blades. Laura is available throughout each boogie with demo helmets and altimeters, new gear for purchase, general boogie/gear supplies as well as expert advice, swatches and measuring help for new rigs and jumpsuits. Basically everything to keep you in the air!
    ChutingStar will have demos from Larsen & Brusgaard (altimeters), Square1 (helmets), Cookie (helmets), Tonfly (helmets), Elemental (altimeter) and Alti-2 (altimeters). Laura will also be able to assist with custom orders for all rig and jumpsuit manufacturers, including the popular Tonfly jumpsuits!
    Furthermore, ChutingStar's Boogie Tent doubles as Boogie Hydration Central with plenty of iced-down GoFast, the ChutingStar Water Cooler and Camelbak Packs, Bottles & Travel Mugs.
    Here is our current, confirmed Boogie schedule...with more to be added:

    - January 21-24 @ Everglades

    - March 11-13 @ Skydive the South 1-Year Anniversary

    - May 5-8 @ SIS at West TN

    - May 31-June 5 @ CarolinaFest

    - July 21-25 @ Redemption

    - September 1-5 @ BamaFest
    Any specific gear requests that you want to pickup at any of the boogies we're attending just needs to be communicated to Laura at least 1 day prior to the boogie. You can e-mail her at gear@chutingstar.com , call us at 770-445-4000 ext. 1 or send a note through our Contact Us page at ChutingStar.com. During the boogie, you can reach her directly on the ChutingStar Boogie Batphone at 404-909-2726.

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    Vector Fest 2016

    Vector Festival is the European skydiving event of the summer! Don’t jump a Vector? You’re still invited, and it’s a great reason for you to register before the boogie so you can have a chance to win one.
    This year’s Vector Festival promises an event of epic proportions! Starting June 21, an all-star squad of 22 organizers and hundreds of participants will converge upon Skydive PINK Klatovy for 6 days of skydiving, entertainment, and catching up with friends and making new ones in an old school boogie atmosphere.

    Images by Wolfgang Lienbacher
    Skydive PINK Klatovy will support the boogie with their iconic fleet of 4 Skyvans, promising loads and loads of fun! Balloon jumps are scheduled first thing every morning and the planes will fly through sunset.
    UPT Vector, PD, and Vigil are sponsoring an incredible crew of organizers who will cater to different disciplines and experience levels throughout the event. Although this isn’t a skills camp, there will be at least two organizers on every load and plenty of opportunity for you to jump your heart out, whether it be in large groups or 1 on 1 coaching.

    Image by Andrey Veselov
    A huge group of vendors will be on site throughout the boogie to show you their goods and answer any questions you may have. They are also giving away a ton of free stuff! Prizes can be won daily through the mystery ball drop and Instagram photo contest. Swing through the Vendor Village on Friday night for a party, we heard you can get free beer there!
    Nightly entertainment is scheduled to keep you satisfied well after the day’s jumping is finished. We have bands and DJs arranged for your listening pleasure as well as giant twister, sumo wrestling, a talent show, a mechanical bull, and more. Saturday night will be one to remember! The circus tent will be converted into a huge foam and laser light party. Come wearing pink and white and anything that glows!

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    Win An $8000 Rig With Aerodyne

    Aerodyne Research is proud to support long-time skydiver and member of the Aerodyne family, Claire Meredith and also Shari VanPelt, a member of the Aero Tech family, in their battles with breast cancer. We would like to show our support and help them with medical costs and loss of wages due to medical treatments. Both ladies are currently undergoing chemo therapy and will both follow up with surgery and radiation. This process will take a toll on their health and finances.
    Please help our cause by purchasing one or more raffle tickets. This gear offer is amazing! You can win a complete set of gear, which includes:
    One custom Icon container

    One Aerodyne main canopy of your choice

    One Aerodyne reserve canopy of your choice

    A matching gear bag

    One m2 AAD

    One Kiss full face helmet

    One Alti-2 altimeter of your choice

    One stock Tony Suit.
    Each ticket is only $50 for this prize worth over $8000! Only 700 tickets available. Get yours today! Sign up at gearraffle.eventbrite.com.
    We thank you, and Claire and Shari thank you!

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    Sandstorm Scrambles Results

    New Zealand’s Mason Holden and Flying Finn Toni Sulankivi blew away the best of the UAE’s indoor skydivers to win the Dynamic 2-Way category in the annual SandStorm Scrambles event at Inflight Dubai.
    Despite never having competed together – the duo only met for the first time on the night of the competition – Holden and Sulankivi combined superbly for a five round score of 411 points. It was enough to win the 13-team category by 8.8 points from Shayni Couch and Ivan Semenyaka in second place (419.8) with Omar Mohammad and Thomas Worboys coming home in third with a score of 421.1.
    Staged in inflight Dubai’s 5.03m x 20.73m indoor tunnel, the two-category event saw competitors combined into two and four-flyer teams by Inflight Dubai’s Team Skynamic in order to represent a spread of ability.
    And while many combinations, including Holden and Sulankivi’s ‘Little and Large’ team, had little or no experience together, the entrants agreed that the format provided some excellent competition.
    “I hadn’t even met Toni until the draw was made just before we took to the tunnel together,” said Holden, who hails from Wellington in New Zealand and is an instructor at Skydive Dubai. “But that’s what makes the Scrambles competition so much fun. You don’t know who you will be paired with, which makes the five flying routines very challenging.”
    For Sulankivi – who shared the AED8,000 first prize with Holden - it was the perfect end to a long day of skydiving, both indoor and outdoor.
    “I live in Abu Dhabi so I was up at 5am to come up to Dubai to go skydiving during the day, before competing in the tunnel in the evening,” said the Finnish flyer, who works in Government IT in the UAE capital.
    “It’s a very special event and the unpredictable nature and the camaraderie between the teams make it so good. You know most of the guys and girls by sight but to compete as a pair with someone you have never met before is a real challenge.”
    For Holden there was double success – the Kiwi also claimed second place in the 4-Way Dynamic competition after joining forces with fellow-flyers Mo Mudassir, Jamie Arnold and Emma Merritt in the ‘Bench Pressers’ team.
    Victory, and the AED16,000 winners’ cheque in the five-team 4-Way Dynamic category, went to the ‘Employee of the Month’ team of Dani Roman, Thomas Worboys, Brad Merritt and Mishka Lucaci on 423.8 points, 12.1 points ahead of ‘Bench Pressers (435.9). Third place went to the ‘Randy Ryanopolis’ team of Ryan Dudderidge, Pablo Rua, Omar Mohammed and Ivan Semenyaka on 444.5 points.

    Both competitions featured a non-scoring warm-up round, four unique dynamic speed rounds and a mystery final round with the five scores of each round added together to determine the final placing. The next event in the SandStorm Scrambles series will be the Formation Skydiving competition, which will take place at Inflight Dubai on April 22. Competitors have until April 20 to enter at www.inflightdubaisandstorm.com.
    SandStorm Scrambles Results 2-Way Dynamic
    1. Little & Large – Holden/Sulankivi (411.0)

    2. Share-A-Van – Couch/Semenyaka (419.8)

    3. Shut Up Omar – Mohammed/Worboys (421.1)
    SandStorm Scrambles Results 4-Way Dynamic
    1. Employee of the Month – Roman/Worboys/Merritt/Lucaci (423.8)

    2. Bench Pressers – Holden/Mudassir/Arnold/Merritt (435.9)

    3. Randy Ryanopolis – Dudderidge/Rua/Mohammed/Semenyaka (444.5)

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    History of Sky Diving

    We tend to accept things for the way they are without ever really questioning how they came to be. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Since the beginning mankind has always wanted to fly but unfortunately gravity has served as a relentless ball and chain that held us down in such times. There had to be a way around it!
    The concept of falling from the sky dates as far back as the 1100's in China when the Chinese would do what today we call "base jumping"; jumping from cliffs or outcroppings floating to the ground in makeshift parachutes.
    Later in 1485 the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci sketched the blueprints for the first parachute. It was five hundred and fifteen years later, on the 26th June 2000 that Adrian Nicholas made an exact replica of Da Vinci’s model and had a successful landing. The parachute weighed 187 pounds and was made of rope, canvas, and wood. However, the 10,000 foot jump consisted of Nicholas cutting away at 7,000 feet and using a regular parachute to complete his journey to the ground.
    The actual history of skydiving starts with french man Andre-Jacques Garnerin, who made successful parachute descents in 1797 using a canvas canopy and a small basket tied beneath a hot air balloon. The first recorded free fall jump is credited to Leslie Irvin in 1919 and the earliest competitive dives date back to the 1930's.
    Skydiving became much more mainstream once the military began developing parachute technology and used the act of skydiving as a tactical move during World War II. After the war skydiving became much more popular as many returning soldiers took it up and had regular competitions, which led to it becoming a national sport in 1952.
    Our Chief Instructor will be able to tell you all about that if you would like to know more! The highest recorded skydive in history happened recently, on October 14th, 2012, when 43 year old Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner successfully jumped from 39 kilometers, literally jumping from the edge of space. He is the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power on his descent. His achievement was broadcast on national television and entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

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    Arizona Airspeed and Golden Knights Hunt For Tunnel Flying Gold

    All eyes will be on the big guns from the USA when the cream of skydiving and indoor tunnel flying take flight this week at the 2015 Clash of Champions, the world’s richest indoor tunnel flying event, being staged at Inflight Dubai from Thursday (November 26).
    The three-day tournament - being held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai - Clash of Champions will be the first major international wind tunnel flying competition to be staged in the tallest and largest indoor tunnel in the world.
    Two teams guaranteed to be among the pre-event favourites are Americans Arizona Airspeed and the US Army team the Golden Knights, renowned names in the sport and both coming to Dubai focused on winning their disciplines.
    Representing Arizona Airspeed in the 4-Way Category are Thiago Gomes, Thomas Hughes, Chris Farina, Niklas Hemlin and Justin Price. For Hemlin it is a welcome return to a venue where he coached 4-Way in 2013.
    “It’s the newest and modern wind tunnel in the world,” said Hemlin. “But visiting Dubai won’t be a new experience for us as all of the guys in the team have been to the city before for Dubai Championships and for the worlds when they were held there in 2012.
    “Our aim for Clash of Champions is to put together a clean and consistent team performance and be as competitive as we can be in the chase for the gold medal.”
    Measuring 5.03m x 20.73m, the state-of-the-art Inflight Dubai facility is the perfect venue for a US$200,000 tournament that will see a wealth of World Cup winners and National, European and World champions go head-to-head in a variety of team and individual disciplines.
    Known as the Golden Knights for more than 50 years, the US Army Parachute Team is a dominant force in the sport. Since its formation in 1959, the Golden Knights have conducted more than 16,000 shows in 50 US states and 48 countries, earned the US Army 2,148 gold, 1,117 silver, and 693 bronze medals in national and international competition, while team members have also broken 348 world records.
    Competing in the 8-Way Formation category will be squad members Sean Sweeney, Josh Coleman, Justin Blewitt, Matt Davidson, Kurt Isenbarger, Larry Miller, Drew Starr, Jesse Stahler, David Flynn and Matt Navarro who touch down in Dubai just weeks after breaking the World Record with an all-time high of 32 points in an 8-Way jump while winning the 2015 US National Championships.
    “At every competition, we aim to push our performance to new levels, to break records, and to win gold while displaying the high levels of teamwork, discipline, dedication and excellence exemplified by all soldiers in the US Army,” said Davidson.
    “We won the world title when Skydive Dubai hosted the Worlds in 2012 so we are excited about seeing old friends and meeting new ones at this competition. We are also looking forward to seeing more of Dubai and experiencing different aspects of the culture. Inflight Dubai is the premier facility in the region with some of the best and most experienced world-class instructors and coaches from around the globe.”
    Clash of Champions will get underway at 9am on Thursday (Nov 26) with three days of competition before the awards ceremony brings the event to a close on Saturday (November 28).

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    Inflight Dubai To Host Clash of Champions

    The world’s greatest indoor tunnel flyers will descend on Dubai next week when the UAE plays host to the 2015 Clash Of Champions, the world’s richest indoor tunnel flying event, from November 26-28.
    To be staged at Inflight Dubai under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the three-day tournament will feature international teams from across the globe - including national teams from the USA, Canada, Russia and France - as they battle for a share of $200,000, the richest prize in the history of indoor tunnel flying.
    Inflight Dubai will host the global high flyers at its state-of-the-art 5.03m x 20.73m indoor tunnel - the tallest and largest in the world - located on the Dubai-Al Ain highway at the Sky Dive Dubai Desert Campus.
    And Event Director Freddy McDonald is expecting a closely fought-battle between teams widely recognised as the world’s best in their particular field.
    “Since we launched the biggest and best indoor tunnel in the world, we have been determined to attract the sport’s best to compete in Dubai,” said McDonald. “Dubai is already firmly established as a key player on the skydiving scene thanks to the success of the Dubai International Parachute Championships, which were inaugurated in 2010.
    “This year we aim to underline Dubai’s growing reputation as a centre for the sport with a tournament featuring the world’s greatest international performance tunnel flyers as well as the best local competitors. In addition to national teams from countries such as the USA - represented by the world-famous ‘Golden Knights’ from the US Army - we will also be able to witness the collective skills of flyers from Belgium, France, Russia and Canada as well as the best of the best from the UAE and around the Gulf.”
    The three-day festival of indoor tunnel flying will see the competitors fight it out in a number of disciplines with their performances monitored by a panel of judges each world-renowned in tunnel flying.
    As well as four and eight-way Formation Skydiving (featuring four and eight flyers respectively), there will be competition in the Dynamic Skydiving category (two and four-way) as well as a Best Trick discipline.
    In addition to the big boys and girls of the sport, Clash of Champions will also feature young tunnel flyers of all ages including teams from Singapore and Dubai’s very own Mini Maktoum team, featuring some of the finest - and youngest - wind tunnel athletes in the UAE.
    “There is no age limit in this competition, which means we will see the best skydivers of the future as well as those who currently dominate the sport,” added Inflight Dubai CEO Carlos Euribe. “While we are excited at the prospect of seeing the world’s top competitors flying in our Inflight Dubai tunnel, we are also looking forward to seeing the progress of our own home-based athletes in what will be for many of them the biggest event of their lives.”
    USA National Champions for the past six years, the Golden Knights will be one of the star attractions particularly after setting a new World Record score for a single eight-way jump - a record that had stood since 1997 - at the US National Championships in October.
    “Every one of us is excited at the thought of competing in Dubai,” said team spokesman Matt Davidson. “Inflight Dubai is the premier facility in that part of the world with some of the best and most experienced world-class instructors and coaches from around the globe. As at every competition, we aim to push our performance to new levels, to break records, and to win gold while displaying the high levels of teamwork, discipline, dedication and excellence exemplified by all soldiers in the US Army.”

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    Come to the Sun and Boogie at Dubai Winter Festival '15

    Skydive Dubai’s Winter Festival runs from December 27 to January 2 at the Desert Campus. Sporting a new format it promises to be even bigger and better than previous years.
    The winter months can be tough on skydivers, especially those based in cooler climates. As the season slows to a halt, the ominous signs of winter set in around the drop zone. The door on the climb to altitude is opened less frequently, and the shorty summer suits begin to gather dust in the wardrobe. Protective clothing in the guise of t-shirts, gloves, scarves and that second pair of socks, start making their way back into the gear bags. The die-hards still hit the DZ every weekend, but leisurely fun jumpers appear less and less as the temperature at altitude plummets further and further below zero. Those in the know have been preparing for this for months. Instead of straining their necks looking for a possible gap in the clouds, they will be heading for the airport this December.
    Fast becoming the unmissable boogie of the winter season, and after its unprecedented success last year at Skydive Dubai’s Desert Campus, the Dubai Winter Festival returns with a brand new format that includes a new Advanced Freefly Skills camp. Winterfest attracts skydivers from around the globe, and caters to everyone; from those with a shiny new A-licence to head-down carvers, XRW enthusiasts and wingsuit rodeo heroes. The boogie will run from December 27th to January 2nd, ringing in the New Year with a line-up that would make even the most seasoned pro’s fist pump their way through the exit door. So after increasing that wing loading over the festive season, isn’t it time to swap the grey skies for some sun and sand? You might still need that woolly hat if the air-conditioning gets a bit chilly indoors, but the temperature, ranging in the mid-20’s outside, means that shorty-suit doesn’t need to be retired for the season just yet.

    Skydive Dubai photo by Brad Merritt “I don’t care what level you’re at. As long as you have a licence you can come out and play with us. We’re going to have small groups … and maybe try to build that up and get some 8-ways, and maybe even some 30-ways.” , said Eliana Rodriguez, co-coach with Skydive Dubai Assar Dubai skydiving team.
    Load organisers are available for all skill levels and include some of the most well-known names in the skydiving world. For the free flyers, MKTM return to Winterfest this year to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the sky and the tunnel. They are joined by Azure Freefly’s Brad Merrit, Flight-1 instructor Pablo Hernandez, and Skydive Dubai ninjas Jim Harris and Anas Bekkali to name but a few. MKTM’s fearless leader Mike Wittenburg remarked during last year’s boogie, “The desert has a nice drop zone vibe … and everyone is pretty much guaranteed to have a skill level that they can jump with organisers.”
    For belly flyers, Eliana Rodriguez, Elena Christova and Craig Girard of Assar Dubai are back to boogie. Laszlo Csizmadia, Jane Oakley, and Regan Tetlow are also amongst the formation skydiving organisers ready to hone and perfect skills of all levels.

    Videos available from the 2014 Winter Festival available here. The wingsuiters will be led by top athletes Julian Boulle, Micah Couch, and Darren Burke. In an interview last year, Burke commented on his Winter Festival experiences; “The people I’m jumping with, that’s what makes the boogie. I’m just thankful to be here. It’s a pretty cool place.”
    This year the Winter Festival will also host a new Advanced Freefly Skills Camp, a dedicated 5-day event within the boogie incorporating dynamic, sequential, and angle flying. The aim is to progress skills in smaller groups, eventually combining these teams into larger formations. The camp runs for the first 5 days of the Winter Festival, December 27-31, and costs 3000 AED. Included are 30 organised jumps, dedicated load organiser, in-depth briefs and debriefs, and registration for the entire boogie, so you can keep on jumping! The Advanced Skills camp is for those who can already demonstrate safe and consistent approaches in head-up and head-down orientations, and can fly angles competently on their back and belly.
    And what about the free stuff you ask? As always the daily raffle will have plenty of surprises, and cash prizes will be awarded for creative videographers entering the Winterfest film competitions. All Winterfest participants will avail of discounted jump tickets and receive the ‘coveted’ Dubai Winterfest t-shirt. Don’t forget the daily videos that is created from you jump videos.
    There is even free on-site accommodation for pre-registrants, so not a moment is missed. Bring your own camping gear and immerse yourself in the festival vibe, or reserve a bed in the Bedouin tent and chill out under the moon and stars. Get in quick and secure your spot! The onsite hotel right next to operations building offers that bit more luxury. They can be contacted directly at welcomeskydivehotel@gmail.com or by calling +971 50 8842 883. The Sleep Inn Hotel located in Silicon Oasis also provides easy access to the DZ and downtown Dubai, and don’t forget to mention Skydive Dubai to claim your discount.
    Registration costs 300 AED for the entire week, 100 AED for the weekend only (January 1-2), and is included in the fee for the Advanced Freefly Camp. All fees are payable on arrival.
    What are you waiting for? Pack that licence and a pair of flip-flops, and come to the sun for the Dubai Winter Festival!
    Register for the Dubai Winter Festival by filling in the online registration form, follow the Dubai Winter Festival Facebook event page for updates, and tag one and all on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at #skydivedubai.
    So in the words of 70’s disco idols Baccara, “Yes Sir, I can Boogie!”
    Skydive Dubai article written by our staff writer Seán Hahessy.

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    Sky Camp Halloween Party

    Halloween is the one day each year when you can be whoever you want, think of an alternative self and have fun of being someone else - if just for a while and when mixed with skydiving, you have something really extraordinary, transforming into a flying demon.

    In many places around the world the skydiving season is just about to end, and in turn we can look back and summarize past few months. For DZ owners, you can review how your business did. Packers; how are your hands, knees and fingers going? If you are a skydiver - have you accomplished all goals set in the beginning of the season (or have you set the goals in a first place). Was this season safe? What have you learned?

    Thinking about that serious issues can wait though. Have fun. Squeeze this season like a lemon. Let it go for a while. Enjoy life.
    Sky Camp in Poland recently hosted their Halloween event, and it looks to have been an amazing party to close out the 2015 season!

    Photos by KonwentPhotography for Sky Camp DZ in Poland.

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    1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships Roundup

    The 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships were hosted over the weekend in Prague, with proceedings kicking off on the 20th October and running through until the 24th. The competition, which was hosted in Prague saw 220 competitors (77 teams) from 23 countries battle it out in 5 categories for 7 different titles.
    The event was a fantastic success and saw some quality flying taking place by the world class teams involved. We've put together a collection of photos, videos and final score cards from the event
    FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships Videos

    FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships Photos

    Image albums may be slow to load...

    FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships Results
    For full results visit: InTime.co.za

    Vertical Formation Open

    Formation 4-way Open

    Formation 4-way Female

    Formation 4-way Demo

    Freestyle Open

    Freestyle Junior

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