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Sky Down Skydiving

Average Rating: 4.64
4.64 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews

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Caldwell Industrial Airport (KEUL)
Lat: 43.6418611
Lng: -116.6357778

5111 Aviation way, Caldwell Airport
Caldwell, Idaho 83605
United States

(208) 455-2359  (8153 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-22
Super-charged Cessna 182, Cessna 182

Training: , S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required




  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Smaller DZ with a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Sky Down Skydiving Rated 5 by: Btomlins on 2016-08-05

Pros: Awesome vibe, Knowledgable TI's, The DZ owner knows his stuff!
Cons: Needs more fun jumpers (Join us!)

This place is great. Wanna jump? They've got you. Wanna learn? They've definitely got you.

The owner Paul is an awesome dude that will give you a great ride to altitude. He's very knowledgable of the sport and if you ask him the right questions he'll give you some amazing advice from experience (Over 30 years!!!).

Come on out and get started on your certification, you know you want to! ;)

(Review ID:9123)

Indoors packing, nice classroom set ups, with great staff members

Sky Down Skydiving Rated 5 by: ricardop0318 on 2014-07-27

Pros: Very helpful staff members
Cons: None that I witnessed

Jumped here about 10-15 times as a fun jumper, and is always a very pleasant experience. The members on staff are very respectful and will help you with any issues that might come up. I will definitely be coming back!
(Review ID:8599)

Great place to earn Idaho wings!

Sky Down Skydiving Rated 5 by: pagtacoma on 2012-12-30

Pros: Friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff and locals
Cons: None

Paul and Denise were wonderful hosts, Tom was exceptionally knowledgeable, and local jumpers were quick to accept a visitor. As I pursue jumping in all 50 states, Sky Down was a great place to jump in Idaho. I was able to get my snow wings as well as Idaho wings from Sky Down at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this outfit and will surely return!
(Review ID:7764)

Wonderful place to spend the day.

Sky Down Skydiving Rated 4 by: brucet7 on 2010-08-17

Pros: Friendly People
Cons: Facilities were in flux as they recently moved.

I was in Caldwell for a class reunion. The weekend was a little slow, not a lot of people, but I enjoyed my time with Paul (DZO) and everyone. They have a 402 which was great to jump from and we (they) organized a cross-country jump which was a blast. Totally randomly, the exit spot was over the house I lived in when I was in high school. I don't get over there often, but when I do, I will have my rig and stop and jump again.
(Review ID:5932)

Regarding the review below

Sky Down Skydiving Rated 5 by: Georgeisgod on 2008-09-03

Pros: -
Cons: -

I was the tandem instructor on the jump below. I don't now how much closer I can get on a face when doing a handcam. When leaving the plane at 10k and pulling at 5 your only going to get about 30 seconds. As for student gear we do have 25 rigs and 15 different types of canopies and as for a fit it wasn't designed specifically for her body. As for the pricing she didn't go through us, she WENT THROUGH SKYRIDE!!!
(Review ID:4759)

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