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  1. My favorite tandem was with my Mom. It was her second and it ended up being an 8 way! :) SO MUCH FUN!
  2. I couldn't disagree more! The reason is of course, who knows what is going on better then the person using the equipment. If I pulled every time at 3 and had an average of 700 ft opening then why wouldn't I bump up the AAD activation. For me however the 750' mark is totally OK. Knowledge is power and we must continually adjust minimum opening altitudes to our own comfort zone and equipment performance.
  3. I have had a few rides but im on a 06' CBR1000RR.
  4. Damn Ruggles that is just to funny! At least my BASE jump didn't make the news LOL. POSING FOR CAMERAS! HA HA HA HA
  5. Blue Skies Eli! A god in our sport yet you would never know it to sit and talk with him. He was so down to earth. You will be missed by so many.
  6. RIP and blue skies for ever!! this is a pic of Herb hitting me with a pie for my 100th some time ago. Going to miss you bro!!
  7. Well guys this camera is BAD ASS! It has a lot of options so many in fact I am just scratching the surface. Does anyone fly a 40 that might suggest some settings I might use before I get in the air?
  8. I was making a very big move from Hawaii and jumping at skydive hawaii to upstate NY and not knowing where to jump. I had done a lot of research and this is the DZ to go to. If you like the feel of being part of the family this is the place to go. I really liked the entire time I spent with them and looking forward to the next season. They realy take new jumpers to the DZ under their wing if you will. I have not found a more friendly DZ with some great profesionals and its where world class skydivers have found the sport. If your in the North East on a weakend than dont miss out on this DZ!!!
  9. OK OK my bad. Tried the search engine guess I just didnt search well enough. I would delete the thing if I knew how.
  10. OK everyone post your pics of your V3 and microns. Show off you rig! The finest rig on the market today.
  11. Well I may just have to take you up on the. I go down to PA every once in a great while to jump with an old friend from Hawaii @ Chambersburg skydive center. I am going back out to Hawaii W/ intentions to attempt a state record of a 7 stack w/ a bunch of friends w/ verried CReW experience. All of us on ZP SEMI to ELIP.
  12. I know that I may not do CRW a lot but IMO I think that stacks diamonds and even down planes are not radical. Its rather harmless "bumping". I dont think that I would go do anything to stupid. I just think you have to stay smart and safe. If you do that any canopy will be ok. Is a 200 square ft canopy that much more easy to get out of compared to a 120? I think I would rather be wrapped in a 120. So why use the 200 "CRW" canopy it sure is a lot more material.
  13. You dont need a "suitible canopy for CRW. LOL I did my first one on a semi elip loaded 1.25:1 and my latest CRW has been done on a Nitron loaded 1.25:1 youll be fine. Just run that thin line across bare skin and see how much you like that non-crw canopy. Can you say ouchie? AHHH your point is well made so just to make clear have shoes, pants and gloves on. BE CAREFULL AND HAVE FUN!
  14. You dont need a "suitible canopy for CRW. LOL I did my first one on a semi elip loaded 1.25:1 and my latest CRW has been done on a Nitron loaded 1.25:1 youll be fine.