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Dropzone: Europe: United Kingdom: Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club)

Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club)

Average Rating: 3.25
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Strathallan Airfield (EGE1)
Lat: 56.325866
Lng: -3.750818

Strathallan Airfield
Nr. Auchterarder, PH3 1LA
United Kingdom

07774 686161  (8231 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-02
3 x Cessna 206, Turbine by arrangement.

Training: , S/L, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

S/L: 175 GBP
Tandem: 285 GBP
Video: 70 GBP
Jump Ticket: 22 GBP to 10000 ft


The oldest club in Europe, run by the members, for the members.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Creeping Area
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Camping
  • Showers

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Something that has real potential to get new people into the sport is soured by cliquey puerile trea

Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club) Rated 1 by: Pbear on 2013-08-05

Pros: Stunning location
Cons: Everything else

The one star is awarded because I appreciate it must be difficult when all the staff are working on a voluntary basis.

The lack of any other stars is because that this alone cannot be blamed for the dismal attitude that prevails at the centre.

I and a friend have always wanted to learn to skydive and were exited about taking the first step towards that by enrolling in the static line course.

The course was detailed but was run in such a way as to remind you at all times that your presence at the centre was a total inconvenience to the instructor and everyone else already within the strathallan Clique. Most of the regulars there will either not speak to you or will do so either to mock your apparently stupid questioning or to remind you of some anal (none safety related) golden rule you have broken.

We were told during the course that something like 98% would not return to do another jump or progress on to do further training. After the experience of the static line course I can see why. This is not due (as suggested by the instructor) to students all being a waste of space but due to the fact that the way students are treated is appalling.

Despite our first experience we were determined to keep trying and hoped that this was a one off and maybe we had caught the centre on an 'off weekend'. however we have been back 4 times now and each time the experience is largely the same. The staff are ignorant and rude and totally un-interested in welcoming anyone else.

AS a result we have decided not to return and just to allow our training certificates to expire.

Its a shame because if it was run well the centre would be a real asset to scotland and would no doubt enjoy more success.

NOTE: I and my friend are not (as is suggested by other reviews) from a rival club.

(Review ID:8088)


Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club) Rated 5 by: ceaser999999 on 2013-01-18

Pros: Best DZ in the UK
Cons: Scottish weather

Skydive Strathallan is a club its not commercial, this DZ does S/L courses to teach and let people experience skydiving in the hope it encourages people to join our sport. This DZ does tandems to allow the public to experience skydiving without having to spend time in the classroom well not as much time and if its for them they can then book on the S/L course.

This means because this club is not commercial it is a club, SAFTY is paramount and its not about trying to make money like some of the other UK DZs !! ...this Dz is amazing with the best people who aren't staff they volunteer there weekends to give someone else the experiences they have received.

The three Cessnas are a hoot with fun pilots and a craking scenery.

Everyone is friendly and awesome its is impossible not to make friends there !!

There is not a day when you don't miss this place during the week .. There is simple no other place like it ...

see uses there blue skys in that ,..............

(Review ID:7782)

Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club)

Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club) Rated 3 by: Mark_c888 on 2011-09-20

Pros: Friendly
Cons: Aircraft

All in all a good dz, I feel it has changed alot since the first few times I was their 3 years ago,
of which I had a bad experience through unfriendly staff.

It's now a helpful and friendly dz. Their always trying to get the planes up to keep people jumping. I now feel it will be a dz I will keep going back to.

(Review ID:6780)

Scottish Parachute Club (Strathallan)

Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club) Rated 4 by: Sangi on 2009-09-04

Pros: Very friendly and helpful people
Cons: The weather

Since I came to study in Scotland, I needed somewhere to occasionally get a jump in, so I contacted my uni (of Dundee) skydiving club and thus made my way to Strathallan..

One of the biggest pros of this DZ is the friendliness of people, I don't know about others, but I had nothing but pleasure of spending time with these people, learning various things, they don't hesitate to answer any silly questions and it's good to have a laugh along the way.. The scenery is great here, it's fun to have a ride with the clubs buggy and many other small things that make it a great place to be in... I haven't made much jumps lately due to weather and money issues, but hopefully in the future I'll be a frequent visitor and full fledged member of the Scottish Parachute club :)

The cons... Well the biggest con is the weather (rainy, very windy and very cold winters) I guess, but that's not the clubs fault, it's just how Scotland is.. Also it would be nice if Strathallan had a full time turbo prop plane for higher altitudes, because 10k feet burn fast if you're trying to freefly.. I haven't spent much time in Strathallan as I wanted, but all in all I think it's a great place to be in the end, cause the people make it worth it :)

(Review ID:5359)

A social club for regular members

Skydive Strathallan (Scottish Parachute Club) Rated 2 by: Limone on 2009-07-08

Pros: Good location, very like a social club
Cons: Very like a social club for the people that work there

I was given a voucher for a skydive and booked a trip one Sunday. Unfortunately due to weather, I had to rebook twice after spending 2 days at the airfield waiting around. Eventually I got up mid week for the experience of a lifetime.

Though I enjoyed it, I felt dealing with the admin people at the club was turgid. The person who organises the booking, that you contact during the week, acts like you're a complete pain in the ass to her. Whilst you wait to see if you are able to jump, there is very little information coming out from the staff there. Most of them seem to hang about together in a social club environment. I and others that were there with me both days felt we were a necessary inconvenience to raise money for the club. The actual jump was incredible, though there were 2 of us jumping and I had a visiting instructor who was much more helpful than the local person.

The site and views are stunning for a jump, but the service is awful. They lost my original registration papers/doctors certificate and I bought a video of the jump, which was 'lost' in the post. When I asked if they used 'recorded delivery' I was dismissed. They had no back up so sent me a cheque, and completely misspelt my name.

Overall I loved the into to the sport, but would never recommend anyone to use this place.

(Review ID:5234)

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