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Dropzone: Europe: Spain: Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond

Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond

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Lillo Airfield (LELT)
Lat: 40.052847601824
Lng: -3.3892822265625

Aerodromo D. Quijote de la Mancha s/n
Lillo (Toledo) 50 minutes (96 kilometers) from Madrid Airpo, 45870

+34 669 273 254
+34 91 638 0218 (fax)  (16272 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-01
1 Pilatus Turbo Porter A-34 B2H4, 1 Caravan

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Required

AFF: 1175 EUR
Tandem: 195 EUR
Video: 75 EUR
Jump Ticket: 24 EUR to 12500 ft


Skydive Lillo offers AFF courses in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish Language. We teach both the BPA, USPA and DFV syllabuses, depending on where the student lives and will jump.
Please check out on our website about our Formation Skydiving Coaching, our Freeflight School and our Canopy Piloting School.


  • Gear Rentals
  • Gear Sales
  • Rigging Services
  • Covered Packing Area
  • Team Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Coaches
  • Load Organizers
  • Accuracy Tuffet
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Bunkhouse
  • Camping
  • Showers
  • Pool

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A work in progress

Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond Rated 4 by: Gus81 on 2015-10-01

Pros: They are not concered about filling a load
Cons: Location

Continuous improvement are being made to the facilities at this dropzone. This is clearly a good indication of customer services.

There are two landing areas, one for students, one for experienced jumpers. Yay

The staff are professional and willing to help. Everyone is friendly. The office and manifest are super efficient.

Lots of jumping, and good food.

Watch this space!!

(Review ID:8920)

lack of professionalism is down right dangerous, and there is a gross disregard for USPA regs.

Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond Rated 2 by: brinary01 on 2011-07-31

Pros: Good aircraft and decent facilities.
Cons: The vibe and lack of professionalism almost made me leave the sport.

As no one has made a review of Lillo in a while seems like a good time to do it. I think it is important to keep the reviews on this one current, because as with any poorly run organization turnover is high, and things tend the change quite a lot. What is more, most of the reviews here are from our Jr. brother and though valuable I think the opinion of someone who has a few more destinations under there belt is important.

Location: like most DZs this one is out there. It is in the middle of a desert in central Spain about and hour and a half from Madrid by car. Car is the only good way to go. Bus is possible but cumbersome when you are carrying all your gear. That said once you are there you are pretty much set there are some good staff that will help out with getting around.

Facilities: Though there is everything you may need, not much better than a well-established club. With that there is a good packing area, grass landing area if you have 100+ jumps and decent aircraft.

-Student and low number jumpers beware. Gear rental is expensive, the highest I have seen in fact and €25 a jump, and the student landing area can be pretty nasty in places.

-Take food with you unless you want to pay your first borne to the gypsies that run the bar.

Staff: There are some awesome folks working at this dropzone. Unfortunately this is the minority and there is a lot “Big fish” in this little pond. I have never seen student have such a hard time getting help, unless they are willing to pay a lot of money, and the mentality “you are old enough get out of the house” is used far to often with AFF Students.

People: I love all of the fun Jumpers at this DZ but they have their circle and just because you are a skydiver it is not enough. Expect a really strange vibe, nothing to worry about if you are going with a group of friends but if you are flying solo I recommend making your way to Skydive Spain in Sevilla, or Empuriabrava north of Barcalona, in fact I live in Madrid and that is what I do.

Summary if you are paying all the money to come to Spain for a skydiving holiday it is the same or less money to go to Empuriabrava, or Sevilla. Note on that more experienced jumpers may prefer Empuria in the summer, and check the event for Skydive Spain in the winter there is always something scheduled. And the do Skysaver days search the website. Less experienced jumpers may prefer Skydive Spain as they tend to have more friendly winds for the novice jumper.

Tandems beware!!! Many of the tandem instructors here do not have a current and proper flight physical as required by the equipment manufacturer and the USPA. I have even seen one go down and be carried away in an ambulance for kidney problems right before getting on a load with a passenger. Many of the Camera flyers are not very good or even do not meet the minimal requirements for flying video with tandems. This is your big moment do not accept less. Look at Skydive Spain, Empuria, or Skytime Castellon.

(Review ID:6645)

Fantastic place to make good, flying friends

Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond Rated 5 by: javiaven on 2010-10-27

Pros: Many
Cons: The bar and town

Down at the bottom I'm leaving my previous review, written a month after my AFF, so you can all see what I wrote back then. Of course, everything seemed cool when you were a young, unexperienced newbie!

Now, almost a year after starting, and having jumped in Castellon, Sevilla, Evora and the Vector Festival in Prostejov, I think I am a bit more experienced to write again.

I have to disagree with Brian (you know I love you, man!) There are things that have been done wrong with you and other jumpers, and definitely that is a point of improvement. (I know for a fact that these kind of things are not exclusive to Lillo, though).
As Brian says, Lillo is not an awesome, party-ridden town, and Madrid is a 55-60 minute drive away. The DZ bar is not definitely the best -here I'm being extremely generous-, and its prices are too high for such a small town.
The fun jumper community is definitely quite tight, and it might seem a bit tough to get in. However, after 3 weeks there, I did make a huge bunch of friends who I consider family, now. It really is a fine group of people. They are a very tightly knit group of friends, but they all met jumping. So it's not that you can't meet anyone!
I have jumped the rental gear there quite extensively (way too much for my liking, but it took me forever to get my rig!) I've been jumping a fairly new Mirage G4, with an as well fairly new Spectra. You won't get a Micron and a Velo 67 for rent, but definitely it is not bad rental gear. And after renting in all the other DZs, this is the one with most rigs and canopy sizes.
I'm not a tandem expert, but listening to everyone here, and talking to the jumpers at the DZ, Brian's comment about them is way off-track. The guys have hundreds-thousands of tandem jumps, and they take it extremely seriously.
The cameras... Man, I really don't understand you, Brian. Saying those things is downright false, and you are playing with their livelihood. You will find some are better than others (obviously), but they all work very professionaly and do a great job.

After a year, you see things that are not so awesome as you thought when you were a newbie; you wish there were other things you have seen in other DZs; you miss some things and you would change others. But, in the end, I stand by my previous words: Lillo is a great place to make friends and enjoy a great time skydiving.


Although I'm pretty new, I can definitely say this place has an awesome vibe. Everyone has a great time always, with tons of people staying overnight either camping or sharing rooms in town during the weekends. The staff is superb, the assortment of rental gear extense, the coaches extremely well prepared (be it free fly, canopy, atmo, relative...)
All in all, a great place to go!

(Review ID:6083)

F´´n loved it

Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond Rated 1 by: cdhezel on 2009-10-30

Pros: staff, vibe, Dz
Cons: town and around

Thanks Guys and Gals at Lillo, Jason´sorry I scare you mate but thats just how it is, Deano, mate you still sound and look like my engineer but He is OK too, Ed, thanks for the coaching amigo, I´ll remember to grab my balls every time I flare now, Stephen and all the others ....many thanks, and when you least expect it I´ll be back to bug ya.... oh yaeh the review, if you want a simply cool Dz, no BS, no ego inflated sky gods, no warm beer just a great vibe... (shit this hype must be worth at least 4 jump tickets worth)

(Review ID:5457)

Professional, friendly, helpful

Skydive Lillo, Madrid, Spain Swoop Pond Rated 4 by: BigGuy on 2009-07-25

Pros: Very very friendly
Cons: Isolated

Just got back from my 3rd trip to Lillo, now planning the next.The planning is made all the easier by the excellent office staff who will happily book hotels etc for you. Replies to emails were very fast indeed

I agree with many of the comments in previous reviews but on balance my skdiving buddy and I both love this place. We are inexperienced jumpers with 80 & 100 jumps now. We went there to learn.

We made a point of getting to know the staff and it paid huge dividends. There was always a willing answer to our questions.

The 100+ landing area is small and has only 2 approaches, but hey, if you don't like crosswind landings there is plenty of room on the other landing area.

The cafe is back up and running but closed on Mondays, which is a bit of disappointment, it wouldn't be rocket science to keep it open. I understand though that it is outside the control of the DZ.

So far we haven't encountered much poor weather, a previous commentator is spot on, this is rural Spain, there in nothing to amuse you locally, Madrid and Toledo are an hours drive. Latinos, on the roundabout near the DZ has an menu in English and serves a reasonable selection of things to go with the fries!

If you're looking for hectic nightlife to go with your jumping, give Lillo a miss.

If you're looking for a professional, helpful DZ with excellent (but a bit pricey) rental gear and adequate places to chill out in the evening, give it a try.

(Review ID:5281)

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