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  1. thanks Airtwardo, you are right. I should have parked the handles straight away. Next time. I was concerned to see more twists developing as I rotated (or I was surprised that I kept rotating under the canopy) and I was worried the reserve might turn ground-hungry like the main. I'd had enough of twists by then. Fortunately the good old 7 cell stayed flat while I kicked, flapped and spun underneath.
  2. not simultaneous, but as I said above, I punched the reserve as soon as I felt the risers go. As damn fast as I could. I was thinking three things: 1. on my back 2. skyhook will pull pin 3. near cypres altitude? Nobody want to talk about the twists?
  3. I got everything back allright but the freebag separated from the main. We thought it was unusual but I didn't realise the skyhook came off before the reserve was fully deployed. At the time all I remember was punching the reserve handle very hard as soon as I felt something give. Thanks for comments. I thought it was an interesting video as I was on my back for most of the crucial part.
  4. Skyhook working nicely while I was spinning on my back. Worth going through the first 20 secs frame by frame.