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  1. Time Left: 22 days and 2 hours

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    Total number of jumps on system: 51 (according to AAD, but I might have jumped it with another rig for about half that, I don’t honestly remember.) DOM rig: June 2012 - cool story, Velocity was developing the red bull jump rig for Felix’s jump at the same time mine was in production. (The Oct. record setting jump) Reserve DOM: 2012 everything is 2012, brand new to me at the time (I obviously don’t have a picture of the reserve label, and I hope to never see it :) It’s been repacked twice with zero rides. I would add pictures but am limited to ten on the post. Happy to email more. Vigil shows everything including battery “ok” Vigil was checked 3/7/20. Zero saves on Vigil. I custom spec'd this gear back in 2012 thinking my daughter, who was on the way, wouldn't miss me making a few jumps. Well, now it's now and I've added exactly zero jumps to the book since her (and now son). This gear is brand new. Everything was custom spec by me. The rig has a riser knife on the leg strap, RSL, Vigil 2 AAD, stainless steel metal, yellow stitching for easy inspection where applicable, mesh back and leg straps. I tried to get the best of everything. Canopies: Main: Icarus Saffire 2 169 - arguable the best intermediate canopy made? I've never heard a bad word about these, and my (limited) time on this one and experience with others is that they are simply awesome. Reserve: Went with the old gold standard on the reserve, PD Optimum 193 (which obviously/thankfully has never been flown). I think it's orange. Yeah, it has to be orange. This is the largest canopy this container will hold. So it is possible to downsize as you advance/desire. I jumped this rig at 6', 195 lbs (a lean 195). Listing includes setup with rig/both canopies/AAD, and the carry case with rubber bands/pull chords/empty spare log book, anything else I can find to throw in. (Manufacturer date on main is April 2012, it's hard to see. I repack it once a year just to see if I still can.) Please feel free to ask questions, point out anything I missed, and/or ask for more photos! (for the canopy I included the color builder picture because it's the easiest to see the detail for the colors with.) Thank you For pricing: Velocity Container (I paid $2604 back then, I'm sure it's gone up for this spec level, and you don't have to wait!): $2604 Icarus Saffire 2 169 cutom spec is: $2350 - 20% off - $1880 PD Optimum 193 is :$1575 - %10% off - $1417 Vigil 2: $1200 (I paid $1400 but I think they have come down). They have a life span of 20 years according to manufacturer. I've used up 8/20, so 12*60= $720 - 10% off = $648 I will throw the carry case/rest in for free.


    Portland, Oregon - US


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    So....the story goes with this extremely special/rare solid TITANIUM bodied Alti-2... Many moons ago, special batch of these (30 is what I was told) were made by the company, to gift out to special skydivers. They were all engraved with their names on the back. I had lusted after a titanium unit (who wouldn't?!) and posted a wanted ad on dropzone that sat for years... Well, one day I received a message from the rep at Altimaster (really cool guy). He knew exactly what I was looking for, and there were/are exactly 2 titanium editions that were not engraved/gifted to anyone. One of them is in a display box at company headquarters, and the other was given to him. After much convincing (begging) on my part, he agreed to sell me his. Bill was also kind enough to make a custom case for it, and give me an extra lens! This is an incredibly rare, never to be seen again piece. Plus a cool piece of history to go with. (and yes, I did jump it!)


    Portland, Oregon - US