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  1. Gordgboy

    Free Fall For MS

    Skydive Vancouver Island is proud to support the FreeFall For MS Foundation and their focus on Multiple Sclerosis on Vancouver Island. We are working on the details of this awesome weekend event! Mark your calendars though as it will be a fundraising event you won't want to miss out on!
  2. until

    Hey Everyone! Preregistration now open! 5th Annual Island Fever Skydive Festive Hope to see many old and new friends there! ~ Gord (DZO at Skydive Vancouver Island)
  3. until
    It's our 5th annual event skydiving over Vancouver Island for the first boogie of the year in Canada. We are bringing in a Skyvan and with freefly and belly organizers. Big Party on Saturday night with draw prizes and lots of fun. Camping on the DZ available as well as deals with local hotels.