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  1. The past couple weeks I've been getting a bit freaked out under canopy. I had a very minor incident under canopy almost 10 jumps ago but it's got me paranoid and doubting my gear, something that makes skydiving very difficult. What else am I missing? Will the stitching hold? What about freak accidents? I've got about 150 jumps so I'm still very new in the sport. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through periods of increased anxiety/paranoia/etc and what has helped?
  2. Hey everyone. I am excited and extremely proud to report that I completed my A Card this weekend and am now a licensed skydiver! Sent the card to USPA this morning. I would like to throw out a question to the experienced jumpers. Thinking back to when you first got your A and knowing what you know now, what would you suggest? What things should I keep in mind? What disciplines would be most beneficial to focus on right now? I have some ideas but I'm curious what Wisdom and Experience think. Thanks.
  3. What determines when the skydiving season starts and stops in certain locations? Is it just when the weather gets too bad to jump or are there set dates? What's the end of the season for the Tennessee area? Thanks.
  4. I'd definitely be interested in being a packer as that's a skill I'd have to learn anyway. Any suggestions on how to contact the DZ and get the chance to do that? Ron - I'll have to try some of your advice...maybe...
  5. Hello, my name is Robby. I made my first tandem a few weeks ago and all I can think about is getting into AFF. I'm spending hours and hours watching videos, reading articles, and looking at pictures. Sadly, I can't afford it as of now. I'm going crazy. Any advice?
  6. Hello! A few days ago I did my first tandem jump. I plan on continuing on to AFF and certification but I had a question pertaining to the tandem. I was wondering if it is common to have some sort of nerve or artery damage in the arms either from layout during free-fall or bad positioning of the harness while under canopy? I ask because for more than a day after the jump my thumb and index finger on my right hand have dulness of feeling, numbness, and tingling, although less tingling now than initially after the jump. Originally I thought it was just "asleep" due to a lack of blood in my arms because the instructor allowed me to steer and my arms were strait up for about 5 min. When he called out for me to pull for flare at landing I couldn't even pull my right arm down. It's nothing major and it's slowly getting better but I was just curious if this was common?
  7. Had my first tandem today and it was a great experience. Glad I was able to do it with such a great group.