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  1. Thanks Rockskygirl. Gettin' into balence
  2. Thanks NWFlyer. Good stuff. Gettin' into balence
  3. Hello all. Does anyone know of any good reading material for 4-way RW team preparation, guides for putting a team together ....etc??? Just finished reading Arizona Airspeed training plan ( It has some useful stuff to take on board but I would like some more perspective. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the replies. One I get it, I'll put piccies up..... Thanks again. Gettin' into balence
  5. Hi All. Im after some feedback from all you more experienced peeps. I'm currently going through the colour picker for a canopy and rig. Are there colours to stay away from?? I know black fades quickly, but don't all colours?? Thanks in advance. Gettin' into balence
  6. Firstly a big welcome to the new year and I hope the headache of the past night is fading. Im currently organizing myself to get back into jumping after a 6 year gap due to getting married (To a non-skydiver), nothing wrong with that, but I slowly got talked out of doing what I love to follow a more mainstream lifestyle (Mortgage, 2.5 Fur-kids and a partridge in a pear tree). Now that I'm single, I've been going through taking stock of what was important in my life. I sat down and was talking to the singer in a band I was in and we were talking about what gives us joy. I got to talking about when I was jumping and she said, "In the time I've known you, I have never seen you with so much passion in your eyes. You should go back to jumping." It was like a cloud disappearing and the sun coming out. It was so obvious. Now, I've been reading about a dropzone in NZ that has a diploma in commercial skydiving. If I did this course it would get me close to where I was before I left. Has anyone had any experience with this ( ?? Great to be back, feels like coming home and I can't wait to get back into the sky. BS everyone.