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  1. Whoa! DZ.com forums never cease to amaze! If this is your reaction to an online comment that you "considered" personal, you will have hard time doing actual skydiving. My only recommendation to you is: once you get frustrated with something in the dropzone, take a deep breath and try to forget about it. Skydiving is much more mental than physical.
  2. Is that because bigger wings makes it harder to recover from instability? I tumbled after the exit during my second jump with Swift and it was a pretty bad exit actually. I recovered so easily. I don't think slightly larger wings present any hazard.
  3. It has been really informative and interesting to read this thread, along with other threads in this forum. What I have learned during my relatively short experience with wingsuits is that there is not really a solid measure to test the capability of a wingsuit to a level of certainty. It largely depends on the skill, size, frame etc. of the pilot as well as what he/she wants to do with it in the air. Therefore I tend to be sceptic about any comment on any suit, if it suggests that every single aspect of the suit sucks. I recently got my Swift and had a chance to put some jumps on it. I don't have enough skills and experience to be able to comment of finer details of how it flies. The things that I can confidently say about the suit is that it is fast, and I don't see any reason why it can’t be the suit for beginners. I did my FFC with a P3 and it was great, but I had the same ease of flight in Swift as a P3. As a side note, I found the T-bird much more difficult to fly than Swift, but again I am pretty sure it was related to how I flew it. So with proper instruction (preferably from someone who knows how Swift flies the best) Swift is a great beginner suit. Looks like there are suits out there, which are specifically good for different ways to fly (i.e. backflying, acro etc.) and a suit that rocks in everything is sort of a holy grail. So I don’t mind the idea of flying other suits if needed, when I improve my skills and focus on different ways to fly. But I am pretty happy that I chose Swift as my first one, I enjoyed flying it and I have a feeling I won’t feel the need to fly other suits for a long time.
  4. As a side information, I have been asking experienced people/coaches and the general opinion is that the heavy guys are pretty happy with swift. It's wing area is comparable to R-bird. So looks like it is bigger than the usual beginner suits in the market but is advertised as a versatile suit. I ordered mine too. I am hoping to get it before the Squirrelfest in Perris (Dec 4-9) and fly it there.
  5. Not sure about Colugo or Aura, but I know you can additionally add back fly vents on Swift ($50)
  6. I am looking for any type of information
  7. Hi all, Anyone who owns or flown or know about Squirrel Swift and would like to share opinions about it? Especially in terms of its comparison to other beginner type suits (like I-bird, T-bird, Phantom 3 etc.) I am new to wingsuiting (15 jumps) and in the process of buying my own suit. Did 4 jumps with a Phantom 3 and 11 with a T-bird. So far I found Phantom 3 much easier to fly. But looks like Swift emerged as another excellent choice for beginners like me. Thanks!