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  1. Thats what i was looking at, so that cinches it for the canopy. Anybody know if a Javelin Legacy will hold a 260? and whats a reliable reserve?
  2. Our rigs have 360 mains and are designed after tandem rigs (pretty much identical) because we do jump in equipment and eventually work up to jumping in bundles and personnel tandem. they are designed to have a high glide ration so we can maximize our standoff from the mission area. obviously i don't want a tandom rig just to toss myself into the sky for fun/ practice which is why i want to go with a 260. allows me to use a more "normal sized" container and not hang in the air all day but close enough that i'm still getting in decent practice for when i jump for "work" (can't really call MFF work). So insum i need a canopy with a good glide ration, responsive to toggle/riser input. all i'm doing is getting myself to the ground, nothing fancy.
  3. I'm looking at finally getting my own rig so i can stop renting and stop getting treated like a noob at the DZs because i'm renting gear. I'm a big guy (230lbs) and normally jump 360's for the USMC, so i'm looking at getting a 260 main. Was hoping somebody savvy out there could offer some advice on the best 260 to go with for sport jumping, along with recommendations for containers and reserves. Any help would be appreciated, thanks to all.