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  1. I was on xanax, now im on clonazepam(klonopin) and i will take a drug from the class of ssri's named lexapro then after it kicks in dr will lower the dose of benzos and i will stay on lexapro if its good for me. I dont think that my doc can tell me if i can skydive or not, maybe he dosent know a thing about this sport or the risks involved in it. My only chance is to get better and to get off medication but years pass and im sick of doing nothing.
  2. Do you really thought or put in question if english is my first language? Of course its not, i learned english alone, by my self the best i could so excuse my bad grammatic, its not because of medication , hehe. Skydiving as you say its isnt the world but im at an age where i realize that im in this life just to exist, i dont do something to feel alive, im sick of it , shortly if i dont do somethign exiting my life will have no purpose. Making childs and a family and to stay the whole life in a corner of a city , in a corner of a building waiting to get old its not for me. Anxiety ruined my fucking life and probably will kill me if i dont get to do what i like to do. So there is no escape? There is no real treatment for generalized anxiety? Ill have to pop up this pills all of my life to feel better? Very cool life, what to say more, then ill never find happiness probably.
  3. I think that mental alertness its always present when doing something like skydive , the adrenaline keeps you aware of what you are doing, but i think its not good to let adrenaline take you in a state of overwhelming fear.
  4. Again i want to quote something for you from a book that i bought named Transcending Fear written by Brian Germain who is a skydive instructor, a test pilot, a psychologist. In contradiction of what you are saying that its not good to be relaxed when you jump. *** FEAR IS NOT HELPFULL Tje belief that fear keeps us safe is the one that holds humanity back more than anything else. Tthe truth is, the connection between fear and safety is a very loose one, at best. Yes, we have been in a state of fear while in dangerous circumstances.Yes, we survived. Does this mean that the state of fear was helpful? That is called a ''correlation''.If you were wearing blue socks every time you avoided a car accident would you your survivl to the color of your socks? FEAR IS CONTRACTION; a state of mind in wich we shrink into smaller, less capable version of ourselves; unable to realize our full potential in the world. When we are in danger we do not need to be afraid. It dosent help. In fact, it makes things much worse.All we really need to do is remain calm and pay attention to our suroundings. Everytime, you extricated your self from danger it was because you made the correct choices. You survived in spite of your fear, not because of it *** He is right, many times i delt better with situations when i was relaxed, fear make my mind unable to think clearly and to make the right decision!
  5. Thanks, ill do a user at their site and i will look after my meds.
  6. I wasnt relaxed cause of the meds, i got relaxed up there. Its not good to be relaxed while you jump? Some told me you must be relaxed cause if your to anxious you cant respond to a malfunction emergency , you say otherwise. Im not depressed, i have generalized anxiety's, its a diferent thing. You say to get of the meds, im on the meds cause i needed them. I know benzos are habit formating, i take them for years now. Just the ssri will be something new. Earth and sky dosent go anywhere but the time pass, my years of youth goes away. Get my act together , you talk easy cause you are not in my shoes, you dont know how is to have anxiety's without any real reason.
  7. Be happy that there are effective treatments for anxiety and other mood disorders. It better than the alternative I was on SSRI's (among other things) once upon a time. I had depression and anxiety problems and was hospitalized against my will on more than one occasion. I have found ways to live effectively and happily without them, and consider myself very fortunate to have come so far. Not everyone that takes them actually needs them, and not everyone that needs them actually takes them. Not everyone that takes them experiences any meaningful relief. Some do, though, and for those people the meds are a godsend. I found that regular, intense (and I mean intense) physical activity (strength training, martial arts training) drastically improved my mental/emotional state. Total abstinence from alcohol and recreational drugs helped even more (although it took time before these benefits manifested), and skydiving itself had a profound effect on my mood as well. This is not to say that you or anyone else will get the same results that I have. I'm not claiming this is a cure-all, but today I have very few problems with anxiety or depression and I have not taken any meds for over 10 years. As others on these forums have claimed, my life rocks. 15 years ago you would not have been able to convince me that I could have the life I have today. Just dont quit
  8. Thanks all of you for the reply's and thanks for the users who encourage me. Unfortunately here where i live doctors are not to good, i dont know if they will be able to tell me if im ok to skydive or not. When i did a parasailing session i could not imagine how relaxed i felt, how good and how much i enjoyed it. I understood that the ssri that ill take its something newer on the market, its called Lexapro and dr. said it dosent have so many sides like the older ones. Im just not happy that i must take ssri's. Thanks again for your help guys!
  9. Yeah, on paper/flier from the box they told you that this meds can cause slower reflexes and not to operate machinery first weeks that you are on this drugs but if you dont feel strange or inapt for operating machinery you can do it. In a few month ill quit benzos and ill remain just on ssri. I dont think that in my life i wanted to do something so badly like i want to skydive. Im on this meds cause cant live without them but if i cant make what i want and what i love being on them its a big problem for me and i dont know how it would end. Im not in this world just to exist and not to live, this bothers me. Im so sick being so diferent from other people. Im 30 years old and im strugling with fears that i know they dont have a real reason and cant get them out to feel free. From the age of 15 my life is a nightmare, i tried to live without drugs but feew years ago i accepted to take some benzos that diminished a little bit my anxietys but not to a point to feel real good and relaxed and now i have accepted to try ssri's aswell because i dont have another choice. im reall upset and i feel like doing something wrong by taking this meds. Damn life, can be very cruel.
  10. Hi I want to get in this sport too but i suffer from generalized anxiety's, some one have told be to buy and read the book named Transcending Fear written by Brian Germain who is a skydiver/skydiving instructor, test pilot and a psychologist. I have read over the internet that is a good book about teaching us not to be overwhelmed by fear. Do a search on amazon. I allready ordered this book, today i must go to postal office to get it. I wish you luck, wish me too, hehe.
  11. Hi to everyone I want badly to get into this sport, im like obsessed but i have generalized anxiety's and i take some benzodiazepines and ssri ant anxiety drugs. Would i be admitted to a attend a skidiving course being on this drugs? Anyone from here is skidiving and take ssri's? P.S. I did a tandem and i loved it.